Nader on Obama: "A Frightened Man" — "Very Disappointing"

By Aaron Task

Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader

President Obama has come under withering attacks from right-wing politicians, pundits and Tea Party throwers. But the Glenn Becks of the world could learn a few things from Ralph Nader when it comes to criticizing the President.

Here's a sample of what the famed consumer advocate and former Green Party presidential candidate says of Obama in the accompanying video:

Nader's main gripe is that Obama has "turned his back on the very people" who voted him into office, imploring the President to invite representatives of consumer, environmental and worker groups to the White House -- "as they elbow their way between the hordes of corporate execs, speculators and criminals that have received invitations there."

Notably, the accompanying interview was conducted prior to reports that Obama has backed away from a campaign promise (threat?) to raise taxes on corporations overseas profits.

Gee, I wonder what Nader would have to say about that...

In all seriousness, if Nader's views of Obama are shared by other progressives and "lefties," his warnings about the Democrats being the minority after the 2010 mid-term elections may very well come to fruition.

To see the interview, click here.

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