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Friday, October 16, 2009
True North Perspective
Vol. 4, No. 47 (198)

Ottawa once again smokescreens the Canadian Stupidity and Incompetence Service (CSIS)

Several years ago a prominent newspaper columnist applied the above name to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. With almost the frequency of drumbeats the designation proves ever more appropriate.

As you'll see below in Federal Court of Canada quashes case against terror suspect, the Federal Court Wednesday voided a six-year security certificate against Montreal resident Adil Charkaoui with which the CSIS, on suspicion, tormented Charkaoui for six years.

The security certificate, rammed through a frightened parliament by the CSIS in the wake of 9-11, gave unwarranted power to the CSIS. The CSIS claimed it needed this power to deal with terrorists who, they had parliament believing, were marching on Ottawa.

In fact the security certificate was designed merely as another instrument to camouflage CSIS incompetence.

The CSIS is an organization overflowing with paranoid incompetents who are operating well below the requirements of the intelligence service that we need. They are full of suspicions and continually demonstrate their incompetence from their Air India disgraceful bungle to date.

Unless they stumble and fall over it they, in the worst traditions of their predecessor, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Service, can hardly ever find a terrorist in a paper bag.

Their ineptitude, as I've said here before, includes declaring in 1988, that there should be a Canadian embargo on the sale of the Macintosh to prevent the computer from falling into Soviet hands. This at a time when the Mac was being sold worldwide.

More recently the CSIS announced their "suspicion" that Chinese spies were working to learn the secrets of the BlackBerry at a time when the latter was also being sold worldwide.

For more on CSIS suspicion please see CSIS Russian spy suspect named head of Russian hockey team at 2010 Vancouver Olympics
 as written by Sports Illustrated.

Here again we have suspicions. The members of the CSIS are so filled with suspicion I'll bet they have triple locks on their doors backed by alarm systems. Many of them are so disturbed that, seriously, there is a secret special psychological clinic for them at the University of Ottawa.

What they find therapeutic is studying and practicing systematic psychological torture against innocent victims. They do this so far with impunity. What they don't know is that the evidence is piling up and will one day leave them exposed.

But back to the beginning, the Federal Court voided the security certificate against CSIS victim Adil Charkaoui because the court had ordered that the information from the CSIS be made public.

The federal government claimed it decided to withdraw it rather than endanger the spy agency's sources.

Nonsense. You can bet your baby's booties that the federal government decided to withdraw it rather than expose, once again, the stupidity and incompetence of the CSIS.

Stay tuned, True North Perspective will have a lot more on this ugly stain on our experiment in democracy.

Meanwhile, take it easy but take it.

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Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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