Fascinating historical notes … by George Laidlaw

Novel recalls forgotten continental battle that saw
the American army suffer 94 per cent casualties

Some answers about history never get said on the TV show Jeopardy.

History is important. It’s from our history that we learn about who we are and perhaps where we are going. However history has a way of being interpreted or forgotten.

Some events remain significant. Do you know the date and the enemy of the American army when in one battle the American army lost 25 per cent of its entire force?

After the War of Independence (1775-1783) when 13 colonies broke away from Britain to become what is known today as the United States of America, the British unfortunately didn’t take care of their allies, the Indians who in most cases fought on the British side. The Treaty of Paris ignored the Indians so that even though a peace treaty had been signed, the Indians were still fighting and the Americans were still invading Indian Territory.

In 1791 1000 American soldiers went into a battle called the Battle of St. Clair (near what is now Cincinatti, Ohio) and suffered a 94 per cent casualty rate.

George Laidlaw is a novelist and President of the Ottawa Independent Writers. To learn more about this, read The Mystery of Tecumseh’s Daughter, by George Laidlaw, Volume 12 Great Adventures of the Incredible Smalls. For more information: George Laidlaw

28 October 2008