A mother’s German hymn rescues a girl    
kidnapped by Indians in 18th century U.S.

All new immigrants face problems in adjusting to a new country. This happens to millions each year. But back in the 18th century an immigrant to the new country of America faced more than the hardships of growing food and building a home. A threat that any farmer living on the border between the Indians and the colonists faced, was Indian attacks.

The War of Independence 1775-1783 wrestled the 13 colonies from mad King George but no one considered the native nations. The British failed to look after them in the peace treaty. So Natives were still fighting. 

For more than 100 years natives raided with the encouragement of the French (Huron and the Algonquin) and the British (Iroquois).  Women and men were scalped (a method devised by the Puritans in proving an enemy was killed). Children were taken and adopted into the various tribes.

After 1783 the American colonial army forced the natives to give up their white captives. Throughout the 13 colonies advertisements for anyone who had lost a relative to come to the area where these newly freed whites were collected. Nine years earlier a German immigrant to Pennsylvania returned from visiting a friend to find her home destroyed, her husband dead and her two young girls aged 3 and 4 missing.

A life ruined!  So, nine years later, in response to the advertisements, she came with hundreds of others to see if she might find her daughters. After going up and down the rows of freed whites she returned to the Colonel teary eyed and said she could not recognize her daughters.

The Colonel felt sorry for her and asked her if she could do anything that the young girls might remember. She paused and then recalled that she used to sing them hymns in German.

She turned and started to sing a German hymn. A girl burst through the crowd and, as if by miracle, she found a long lost daughter.

For more details about the interesting times of the 18th century, read The Price of Loyalty Vol. 1, The Great Adventures of the Incredible Smalls by George Laidlaw  www.georgelaidlaw.ca  Young adult books.