Mission Statement - True North is not for everyone


"Lies, death, and destruction, while creating a breeding ground for
terrorists and a massive debt for future generations, will be the
legacy of George W. Bush." – 350 words

The Times they are a-fussing

Hugo Chavez apparently has long gotten under the skin of The New York
Times. Amitabh Pal, writing in the American magazine The Progressive,
says . . . "The paper's Latin America bureau chief, Simon Romero, has
a big anti-Chávez bias, and it shows.." See The New York Times's
Anti-Chávez Bias and Times Chavez Editorial.

  • The New York Times's Anti-Chávez Bias – 686 words

  • Times Chavez Editorial - Venezuela Inc.'s Hostile Takeover – 335 words

21 women leaders for the 21st Century 2007

Women's eNews lists its 21 Leaders for the 21st Century 2007: 20 women
and one man who are dedicating their lives to improving the lives of
all women at home, in the workplace, in school, in the media and
around the world. - 1,233 words

Moscow condemns Holocaust deniers

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov said recently that those who denied the
Holocaust were in the same league as those who would plant the seeds
of fascism. – 183 words

China's booming market

Larry Edelson, Editor, Real Wealth Report,, says that "despite what
some pundits seem to think, the "China Boom" is far from over. Indeed,
when I hear economists warning that the Chinese economy is in imminent
danger of overheating and flaming out, I just chuckle and recommend
that my subscribers buy more resources stocks."

On the ground Bush policy flounders in quicksand

This report from The Washington Post puts an honest face on George
W.'s failed attempt to go down in history as an heroic "War

Carl Dow, Editor and Publisher
Carl Hall, Technical Analyst