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Bolivarian Revolution? Socialism for the 21st Century? What in the name of heaven or hell  is Hugo Chavez talking about!?! To get a fix
on it we offer four pieces on the subject. Please keep in mind that True North does not necessarily agree with the opinions found in the
articles we publish. We offer them only on the premise that an informed public is better armed to draw wise conclusions in the spirit
of understanding democracy in evolution (please see Mission Statement). Tomorrow an American financial analyst will tell us what's
making China boom on. But first, to lighten the load before we even shoulder it, an item about the trials of Belinda Stronach, poor little
rich girl.

Carl Dow – Editor and Publisher

Belinda's back seat

– 134 words.

One size does not fit all

Pranah Bardham of the University of California explains and warns of the dangers of single-minded pursuit of capitalism in a changing
world. – 641 words

Hugo Chavez swears-in new cabinet

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez swears-in 15 new and 12 continuing members of his cabinet. The cabinet shake-up comes as Chavez is about
to renew his own oath of office on Wednesday, at the start of his second full term as President of Venezuela.  According to Chavez, the
new ministers will be in charge of pushing forward his government's project of implementing "21st century socialism" in Venezuela. – 906

Chavez says he will renationalize privatized industries and more

During the swearing-in ceremony of his new cabinet, Venezuela's President Chavez announced a series of dramatic new measures for
moving ahead in establishing 21st century socialism in Venezuela. - 1,121 words.