Belinda’s money fails to buy her a front seat – 134 words

Ottawa — In 2004 Belinda Stronach ran as a Tory and swamped Liberal Martha Findlay. Belinda famously crossed the aisle and when she ran as a Liberal her impressive resources again put the boot to Martha.

During the recent Liberal leadership convention little-known Martha led her platoon of delegates to support Stephan Dion. She even chauffeured Stephan to the convention in her campaign shortbus.

The following Monday, Stephan wrapped up his first day on the job at Hy’s restaurant, dining with none other than Martha.

The next day, the Liberals announced their new seating plan, and there was Belinda, bumped from the front bench and off far to the side, separated from the rabble of the Bloc Quebecois only by Tom Wappel, the Grits’ one-man lunatic fringe.

Coincidence? Of course!

(With notes from Frank Magazine.)