Man tells of Kununurra crocodile attack

A man has described how he survived an attack by a saltwater crocodile in the far north of Western Australia.

Kerry York was swimming at the Ivanhoe Crossing near Kununurra on Saturday morning when he was bitten by a two-metre crocodile.

The 27-year-old has described how he was bitten on the neck, chest and left arm.

Mr York says friends rushed him to hospital where he needed 11 stitches in his arm and four stitches in his neck.

"I waded into the water up to about my shoulders and, yeah, then a crocodile grabbed me from underwater," he said.

"Bit me on me chest and on me neck ... and had another go at me and hit me on the arm.

"I didn't even see the croc. I just felt it grab me and then it took off."

Mr York says he was feeling apprehensive about swimming at the crossing shortly before the attack.

"Yeah it did shock me at first, but I realised what had happened and got out of the water quick and then I climbed back out on the crossing and got some rags and put some pressure on it and stopped the bleeding," he said.