Random Acts of Poetry

By Mike Heenan, Literary Editor, True North Perspective

Mixed Nuts!

My Gawd, what's going on up there?
The Hill has gone to Hell.
Canajuns are looking for leaders
From sea to sea to sea. Just swell!

The PM's sulking like a brat whose
Favourite toy is missing
And the Glibs and NDP and "Dose
Guys" in dat Kebek are hissing.

Poor journos all across the land
"Ad Mare Usque Ad Mare"
Can't tune into a good waveband
Without all going hairy!

The Networks are Towers of Babel
Politicos all in a tizzy,
So I'll drink me a case of Black Label
And go to bed wiser, but dizzy.

Let's pray our GG Mich-a-elle
Will call a quick "timeout"
To knock some heads & ring some bells
Or toss the rascals out!

© 4 December 2008 Mike Heenan