Justic Department squints at two PMs
caught with hands in the cookie jar

With increasing interest in why KarlHeinz Schreiber bribed Brian Mulroney with $300,000, word comes from the Justice Department that sluggos are reviewing another sordid old scandal, as possible trade-off material.

This in referene to the crooked dealings that Jean Chretien perpetrated on the taxpayers in Shawinigate. Who can forget how the former PM dealt himself a handsome profit, through investing in a golf course bolstered by federal investments in a next-door hotel scheme in his Shawinigan riding? Taxpayers were stiffed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No need to ask why golf courses in the frozen north constituency needed lotsa federal cash. The first clue? No turf, therefore no business for eight months a year. Chretian's club was going nowhere, fast. How to turn it around?

The solution appeared miraculously. A Taj Mahal-sized hotel constructed next door to lure Floridians to the banks of the Saguenay. Of course! It would divert thousands of gullible Quebecois from their golf holidays in the Carolinas by magnet attraction.

Chretien's golf land would pay big dividends and the universe would unfold as, etc, etc. So Chretien has his goons exert maximum pressure on the hapless Federal Business Development Bank to cough up the hotel cash. The PM himself threatened the bank prez with dismissal if his golf/land/hotel plan did not make da lil' guy rich.

Other PMO rodents worked over bank staff and federally-appointed directors.
Result? Despite staff recommendations against this idiocy, federal cash was immediatelydiverted to bail out Chretien's golf resort.

When media ingrates uncovered the scam, Chretien's spinners went into overdrive. protesting that it was all-legit.

Then plan B was put into place: Chretien handlers contrived a phony sale of the course to wipe his fingerprints off the crime scene. But, pressed to produce the bogus sale agreements, it turned out there was no paper in Chretien's legal offices, where it should have been.

The PMO came up with Plan C. Lo and behold, a paper napkin was produced as "proof" of the sale.

As Crouton explained elsewhere “a proof is a proof is a proof. When you see a proof, you know dat it is a proof."

Justice legalists were not amused.

The hotel mysteriously burned to the ground.

Questions in the house and media were stonewalled.

The RCMP never got the paper napkin "proof".

Justice lifers sent memos to the minister, political staffers shredded them.

But now Justice and RCMP archeologists are burning the midnight oil looking at fraud and breach of trust laws.

One conclusion...no statute of limitations on either.

To be cont'd.

With files from Frank Magazine.