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Despite all appearances Little Miss Sunshine
wasn’t going to where she seemed to be going

The Oscar-winning movie Little Miss Sunshine won my heart when I saw it on full movie screen last year. I’ve always been dismayed, to say the least, by shallow-brained mothers (mostly) who would dress their daughters as adults and parade them for private and public viewing like so many dogs, cats, horses, or cows. I seriously think this is a form of child abuse. Yes, little girls will want to dress up like mommy. But that is their own private fantasy to be shared, if at all, with their peers. Not to be promoted by adults. That is to where Our Little Miss Sunshine seemed to be moving. However, if you were on your analytical toes you would have noted that throughout our Little Miss Sunshine there was enough foreshadowing to lead one to the conclusion that although Little Miss Sunshine was heading there, that wasn’t where she was going. In the end I let out a yell of approval, much to the embarrassment of my companion. (It seems men are the ones who get emotional at movies. Women respond impassively and wonder why I’m crying or cheering — after all, it’s just a movie.) If you haven’t seen it, run, don’t walk to your nearest outlet and rent the tape or DVD. It’s in the spirit of the above cartoon and will really make you feel good. A definite blow in defense of children.

Democratic socialism is a secular application of The Holy Bible’s New Testament

I know that sounds strange, and funny to the ear, a little bit jumbled and jarring. but any serious student of Christianity who has read George Bernard Shaw will know that democratic socialists (in Canada read New Democratic Party — remember Tommy Douglas and medicare?) and New Testament Chrsitians are advocating the same thing. At this time of year especially, it is heralded as Peace on Earth, Good Will to All. And much more. Old Testament types will bridle that democratic socialism and Christianity can be compared favourably. They are of the school that calls for vengeance and revenge — an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The Old Testamenters howl fury at Hugo Chavez and his “Bolivarian Revolution” because it challenges their King of the Castle premise. To help understand what’s happening in Venezuela we offer three pieces below. Venezuela has been changing the heart and face of Latin America since the debut of Hugo Chavez, a paradox in Latin America where historically military leaders come out on the right. Keep an eye on Venezuela’s December 2 referendum. Venezuela, in the spirit of The New Testament, is a democracy in the making that will have an impact on the entire Western Hemisphere.

Iranian powerbrokers express alarm at their Dear Leader

War Loser President George W. Bush and his vice-president, Cheney, who lurks in the background, should keep their shirts on. We have a piece below that reveals that the power behind the chair of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is losing patience with their loud-mouthed man out front. Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad is showing signs of Red hunter McCarthy lunacy by accusing his nuclear negotiator of being a spy. That calls to mind that when McCarthy began accusing the American military of disloyalty the Washington establishment said enough. Concern about President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by the Iranian elite has now become public. That suggests that the Iranian power brokers are looking around for a replacement who is less volatile and perhaps even a little sane.

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