Shoppers: watch your rearview mirror

Beware of border-crossing bandits
or you could become a dope smuggler

CHATHAM, Ontario — Constable Rick Bertok of the Community Patrol Branch, Chatham-Kent Police Service, reveals an increasing method of border dope smuggling.

“A lady was driving back from shopping on Eureka Road (in Detroit) with her Sister and children. She noticed that the same car had been following them for a while. The car continued to follow them all the way back to the bridge and even queued up behind them in line for Customs. Luckily, she was on the ball. When she pulled up to the customs officer, she mentioned that the car behind them had Been following them the entire trip from the shopping mall,” said Constable Bertok.

The Clerk told her that she was going to have them pull in for
inspection, and that she was going to pull this other car in as well.

“So here's the deal .......when the inspectors looked in and around Her car, they found that drugs had been stuffed into the undercarriage .The inspectors told her that this is happening more often. The drug dealers find a vehicle with Ontario (or other Province) plates parked at the mall. They stash the drugs and stake out the vehicle.

“They follow the car across the border and retrieve the drugs as
soon as the car is left alone. If the car is stopped at the border, it's
someone else who is arrested.

“This is not a joke,” said Constable Bertok. “Please pass this on to anyone you feel will benefit.”