Editor’s Notes

Bush still pedals his politics-of-fear bicycle
while his believers dwindle to a faithful fe

George W. Bush’s pronouncements become more and more bizarre, suggesting that his grip on reality is ever more tenuous. Now he would have us believe that Iran’s possession of a nuclear weapon would lead to a third world war. How this international disgrace has fallen. Were the United States not made of better stuff he would have taken his country with him. Even so Americans have a lot of ground to recover because they have been dominated by a group of men (don’t forget Dick Cheney) who resolutely strive to fulfill their delusions.

Whatever the Theocracy of Iran’s leadership may be they are not suicidal. If they were to develop a nuclear weapon and use it they know that there would be within minutes a big hole where Iran was and you can bet your baby’s booties that the diggers of that hole would include Russia and China, as well as England and France. Iran knows that. They also know that the United States cannot be trusted. They must be keenly aware of American adventures in Vietnam and Cambodia. While Americans have forgotten that their country invaded and overthrew the democratically elected government of Grenada, and did the same with the democratically elected government in Haiti, the rest of the world has a longer memory. Then there was Yugoslavia that felt the full-weight of American diplomacy-by-gun policy. And of course we know that while Iraq was not a democratically elected government, it was no threat to the United States. But they did have the second largest oil pool in the world. So America invaded.

Bush behaves as if America is a victim and that he is its anointed saviour. The fact is that America has behaved like an angry drunk with a gun at a picnic of the disabled. At some point that benighted country will learn that though they won the Cold War they have lost the peace. The day of the thug is fading fast.

What really riles me are lies and liars, especially those espoused by bullies, liars, and cowards. Step forward Mr. Bush.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective