Editor’s Notes

The Boston Globe has struck another chord in the Romance of the Cold War discourse initiated by Cold War Soviet super spy Putin followed by his American peer, Gates. The Globe argues that the Cold War was not “the good old days” as presented by these two experts. A final conclusion will evolve eventually when someone of the stature of Lucien LeFebvre, who wrote the definitive work on the French Revolution, produces a similar tome on the Cold War. Who knows? It may appear first on your favourite news service. Meanwhile, the Globe offers an interesting slice of the Cold War that has to do with Soviet dissident writer Pasternak and his Soviet-banned novel ‘Doctor Shivago’. The CIA published the novel in Russian and surreptitiously circulated it as a boost to Pasternak’s chances of winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. For more spook activity, light and dark, then and now, stay tuned to True North.

We’ve got more on George W.’s breeding ground for terrorists in Iraq. This time on how the war is a recruiting-tool as terrorist networks lure young Moroccans to the bloody conflict.
Alasdair Sandford, BBC News correspondent in Paris, assesses the possibility of Segolene Royal to become the first woman president of France.

Alexei Pankin, Editor of Mediapolis, a monthly magazine for Russian regional media professionals, laments on how Russians feel betrayed first by Stalin, and now by the West.

An agreement with North Korea, that sees the latter back away from its nuclear weapons program, includes a provision that the U.S. will provide an initial supply of 50,000 tons of heavy oil. What can you do with 50,000 tons of heavy oil? Tom Colligan of the International Herald Tribune says not much.

The BBC provides an inside look at the Fashion Scene in the wake of the momentum to stop the portrayal of the starved as role models for women. Mildly interesting revelation of the boring lives lived (and died) in a world dominated by men who would see women as boys.

If this were a scene shot for a movie, I’d say, “That’s a wrap.” But it’s not, so I’ll say,

Take it easy, but take it.

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Carl Dow
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