Editor’s Notes

In case you missed it we repeat here …

Shaking the Money Tree

A long-time girl friend used to say on greeting, “Hey! What’s shakin’?”

I haven’t seen her for a few years but if she were to ask me today I’d say, “The Money Tree!”

And that would be the True North Readers Money Tree. Today marks edition 116 since we began publishing in December 2006. From a naturally slow start we grew from about 14 hits that month to more than 10,000 hits a month by October 2007.

While mostly from Canada and the United States readers are tuning in to True North in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, China, and the Seychelles on the Indian Ocean. Google is one of the vehicles that bring readers to True North. A substantial number of hits are from academic institutions in the U.S.

Our previous issue was December 21 when he took time off to shovel the snow. We’re back now with a publication that will prove to be even more interesting and sophisticated. Because of our working holiday it’s as if we’re into it from a standing start so it’ll be another issue or two before we hit our usual stride.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to those who have made financial donations to True North — all of them, with one exception because of a misunderstanding, without urging from here. The fact is, however, that True North is being run at a serious deficit. This considerably cripples what we can do.

Just one example: a story crossed my desktop about ruthless exploitation of the weak and the sick by American drug companies. I fantasized about what it would be like if I could turn to a freelancer and say, “Let’s get a Canadian angle on this.” Of course we couldn’t afford this luxury so the story sits in my In File.

There is much about True North that could be improved if we had a few bucks, including the length of stories. Some of them deserve to be long; others could be edited. But editing takes time and time is money. So we do what we can.

This then is about gently shaking money out of our readers. It’s something for which I don’t really have any talent. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know when to do it. So I’m simply asking for it here and now.  Don’t be shy about the amount — seriously, anything from a penny up will be welcomed.

Thee are several ways you can throw us a lifeline and it’s all protected. Just click here.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward,


Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective.