Editor’s Notes

Briefly, Judge Wright has two courts. One is Court Laughter, the other is Court Wisdom. We move from one to the other as hearings demand. Today it’s Court Wisdom with household tips that are really amazing.

We will do our best to provide more Canadian news. Today we feature the unindicted former prime minister, Brian Mulroney who picked up $300,000 in hotel rooms soon after his retirement. Now that he’s an advisor to Stephen Harper, we wonder if the hammer will ever fall in calling order in the court.

Evidence is mounting against Karl Rove, the prince of darkness behind the Bush gang. He helped engineer his country into the train wreck in Iraq while he proved himself to be a genius at character assassination.

The London ex-KGB poisoning case is back in the news as a suspect claims he was poisoned by the dead victim. Many threads leading to who knows where? Stay tuned.

Russia is edgy about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It’s urging Iran to come clean while at the same time insisting that Iran’s territorial rights be respected. A tough row to hoe.

We also have a sad story of the psychological impact of the Iraq war on women. We couldn’t run the whole piece from  The New York Times Magazine, so we provided an excerpt. A real heart-breaker made even worse because these women experience it for a cause built on a lie.

And then we swing to The Economist for an essay on the American economy.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a lot more vim and vigour.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher