Russians and Chinese are big on soup

but can you imagine Campbellís borscht?


CHICAGO (Reuters) -- Campbell Soup is gearing up to test market its soup in Russia and China as the world's largest soup maker looks to tap into markets with hundreds of millions more consumers.


"These are the two biggest soup markets in the world," Douglas Conant, president and chief executive of Campbell, said in an interview. "There's a huge opportunity there. And we're the most well-equipped competitor to take advantage of it."


Campbell plans to begin the tests in fiscal year 2008, which begins at the end of July, Conant said.


Conant would not discuss details of the test or say which soup products the company would sell in those markets.


Campbell's has been in Russia for two years and China for three, studying the market and putting infrastructure in place, Conant said. The company is also spending on sales and marketing initiatives ahead of the tests, he said. He did not say how much the company has spent to enter those markets.