Hundreds of book lovers crowd
annual Ottawa authors book sale

Happy author Kathleen Caught smiles for the camera

George Laidlaw, President of Ottawa Independent Writers (OIW), said that the Fifth Annual Ottawa Authors Book Sale (formerly the OIW Book Fair) was a resounding success.

The sale was held at the RA Centre on November 10 and 11.

“Nearly 600 passed through the doors at this annual event that for five years has provided a showcase for local authors to display and sell their published works.

“Visitors met and chatted with authors and walked away with autographed copies. There was always a crowd around to keep things hopping.”

Mr. Laidlaw said “A warm hand goes out to all the dedicated folks who helped make this year’s event a success: the collective wit and wisdom of the many authors who participated, and to the tireless efforts of Board Director Joan Shouldice and the other OIW volunteers who devoted their time and energy to making it happen.

“And a special thanks to Randy Ray, our publicity director, who applied his imagination and skills to make sure that the people of the Ottawa region were aware of our book sale.”