Cash Hudson Davis came out fighting
at 4 lbs 9 ounces he had to be tough

Proud mother Suzanne Drzymala says “our little guy arrived early, on December 23, as opposed to his original due date of February 7. An early Christmas present. We are all doing well.”

Suzanne was in hospital for another four days, to December 27, Cash Hudson Davis, remained in hospital for a few weeks until he was ready for the great outdoors. “It’s hard work being a baby,” says Suzanne.

Father John Davis and 13-month old brother Riley John Davis are as pleased as a father and sibling can be.

“Yes, it’s been a busy and tiring year,” says Suzanne. “I am looking forward to not being pregnant this year!”

The subscribers of True North wish Suzanne, John, Cash, and Riley, all the best for now and for all the years to come.

With Suzanne’s smile a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. So we’ll say no more.

Proud Papa John Davis cradles newborn Cash while 13-month-old Riley tries to make sense of it all.

A proud family surely bound for a life of love and laughter and peace ever after. Needless to say, that’s Cash taking a well earned rest on his mother’ lap, his thoroughly pleased mother Suzanne, father John, and 13 month old Riley on the verge of figuring things out.