Food power expert says toxic junk food
may cause Britney’s bizarre behaviour

HOLLYWOOD, California — A food expert says the sweet stuff Britney Spears puts in her mouth may be the cause of her sour behavior.

"When you take a look at Britney Spears and her behavior, it's very frightening," Dr. Timothy Brantley, a Ph.D. who educates patients on the power of food, told Access Hollywood.

"She's a person who's completely addicted to sugar. This is like heroin for a junkie. She's literally on a roller coaster to hell."

Spears’ irrational behavior — from shaving her head to attacking a car with an umbrella — can partly be attributed to her toxic diet of caffeine drinks and fast food, Brantley said.

"Caffeine and sugar in this drink will drive your blood sugars and hormones crazy and it can effect your mood for hours," Brantley said of a Frappuccino.

Spears’ favorite Venti Frappuccino coffee can cause her to become irritable, agitated and lose focus. Additionally, the caffeine content in her extra large soda could cause memory loss, inattentiveness and anxiety.

"And of course irrational behavior follows that," Brantley said. "Once you get a quick rise and a quick drop, the body is back in a craving cycle again. If you flood your body with sugars and all of a sudden you become really hyper, I think your judgement is going to be really altered." 

The greasy tacos and fries Spears craves from the drive-through are equally destructive.

"It's toxic to the liver," he said. "It's bound to mess up your hormones."