Ottawa Independent Writers time out for

Christmas Dinner/Annual General Meeting

By Roy Acres
Editor OIW OnLine Digest
Ottawa Independent Writers

Fifty attended the OIW Christmas dinner and Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Malone's Lakeside Grill at the Dow's Lake Pavilion on December 5. Membership Director Bill Horne did a great job hosting the event, which was a success in no small part thanks to the efforts of Pandora Ballard, Writers’ Retreats Director.  

The AGM highlighted another year of growth for the club, demonstrating that a growing membership (there are now 190) enhanced opportunities for learning and knowledge-sharing, as well as new avenues to promote the fine work of the OIW's member authors.  The current Board of Directors was re-elected and newly elected were Theresa Jobateh as Secretary, Carl Dow as Vice-President, and Roy Acres as OIW Digest Editor.  A big welcome to Theresa as the newest member of the board!  

The OIW Board of Directors now include:

President - George Laidlaw
Vice-President - Carl Dow
Secretary - Theresa Jobateh
Treasurer - Robert Poitras
Memberships - Bill Horne
OIW OnLine Digest Editor - Roy Acres
OIW Capital Letter (Print) - Rosaleen Dickson
Web site and Promotion - Randy Ray
Writers' Retreats - Pandora Ballard
Publishing - Raymond Coderre
Due to recent resignations the following board of directors positions are vacant: Outreach -  Volunteers - Social - Director at Large.

Club Treasurer Robert Poitras gave us the scoop on the health of the OIW budget, which is healthy at approximately $12,000.  According to Robert, the 2007 annual book fair/sale resulted in a net loss of $300 to the club, but the initiative was certainly worth it in terms of exposure to the public.

The limerick contest was a lot of fun, and some interesting and humourous entries were heard.  Prizes were awarded to the top three winners as well as to the top three honourable mentions as selected through a rigorous and methodical scientifically-developed ratings system -- peer voting

First Place: Rosaleen Dickson

Surprise at the snowfall, I know,
Is common, wherever I go.
What surprises me most
Are Canadians who boast
That they never expected the snow.

Second Place: Theresa Jobateh

Petite divorcee
There once was a petite divorcee,
Who desired to improve her français,
So she cast out her net,
With grand wishes to get,
A fella with whom to parler.

Third Place: Anne Nagy

Schreiber next to Mulroney
If you put Schreiber next to Mulroney
It's hard to tell who is more phony.
In the case of Airbus,
Schreiber says, "What's the fuss?
I never got much for my money!"

First Honourable Mention: Peter Hodgins

Second Honourable Mention: Pandora Ballard

Third Honourable Mention: Lou Reeves