Palestinian PM to resign in two days
to form new coalition government 


GAZA - Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah and his Hamas-led cabinet will resign in the next two days to make way for a unity government with the rival Fatah faction, a government official said yesterday.

Haniyah is expected to lead the new government, according to the terms of a deal agreed between Hamas and Fatah in Saudi Arabia last week, which aimed to end factional warfare in Gaza and ease an economic embargo on the Palestinian Authority.

“The prime minister will submit his cabinet’s resignation within two days so that he can begin constitutional measures to form the unity government,” the official said.

Haniyah earlier said it was too soon to say when he will resign, and officials said he and President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah still had to finalise issues from the Saudi-brokered deal including naming an interior minister and deputy prime minister.

Haniyah met leaders of 13 Palestinian factions on Tuesday, seeking to win support for the power-sharing deal with Abbas.