Iranian Jews deny a planned exodus from Iran

TEHRAN — The head of the Iranian Jewish Society, Siamak Mareh Sedq, and a Member of Parliament from the Jewish community, Morris Motamed, in a recent joint statement dismissed allegations of an organized departure of Iranian Jews.

The statement reads that Iranian Jews enjoy a very comfortable life compatible with their cultural affinity with Iranians.

They dismissed news reports about departure of Iranian Jews organized by the Israeli regime as totally fabricated and baseless.

Iranian Jews are inspired by the rich Iranian culture and civilization and were shocked by such propaganda, the statement said.

"We are devoted Iranians and will remain Iranian forever," said the statement.

“Iranian Jews have always stood shoulder to shoulder with Iranians to fight against the country's enemies and ill-wishers

"Iranian Jews, who believe in the Islamic Revolution, are determined to continue to lead their lives in this country."

The statement denounced foreign intervention in Iran's domestic issues and said that it is part of plot hatched by certain global arrogance targeting the nation's unity and solidarity.

"As far as Iranian Jews are concerned, any intervention of aliens in the affairs of Iranian Jews are totally unacceptable and unjustifiable and we strongly condemn it," it said.