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Geneticist tosses rock in calmed waters
and we have lots on sleep and cognition


A demographer said more than half-a-century ago that all those living west of the Ural Mountains, the dividing line between Europe and Asia, are at least 16th cousins. This conclusion was based on analyses of migration patterns enhanced by armies marching back and forth. When you see a Parisian looking like a Russian, keep in mind that the Russians once occupied Paris. The French, the Swedes, the Poles, the Austrians, all tramped across Europe to all points of the compass. And letís not forget the Mongols who rode through to Germany leaving no army of worth standing between them and the English Channel. Therefore, Hitlerís concept of racial purity, needless to say, is the nonsense of those suffering from inadequate brain cells. (Reading in this issue suggests that he didnít get enough sleep.) Now the United Kingdom and the special racial status claimed by its inhabitants is being seriously challenged. Read here to learn that the cultural differences of the Irish, Welsh, Scots, and English are just that, and have little to do with genetics. Beneath the cry of the bagpipes and the sound of the horns they are essentially one and the same.


Keep your hanky panky at home


A long-time friend who hails from Englandís mining country, and who eventually became Dean of St. Johnís College, University of Manitoba, and author of several books, is six-foot-two, built for it. He has put away prodigious gallons of beer. His motto is, always do your drinking at home. That way you stay out of trouble. This is the advice that should have been followed by an Israeli ambassador to El Salvador who embarrassed his country by being caught out drunk in a session of hanky panky that should be practiced only at home.


Whether sleeping alone or together just getting it is vital


We have an article on that other bedroom activity called sleep. We cover the field from the need of sleep to produce new brain cells, the new so-called flex suites for cohabiting couples. Against the background of a German couple, a brother and sister who are in court alleging their right to have children, we have take on the history of the taboo of incest that includes the note that Napoleon had it removed from the criminal code


Feeding healthy fat to fat children


Tests of VegEPA, in four overweight youngsters, showed improvement in reading, concentration, and memory. Brain scans showed three years worth of development in just three months in the children.


We hope all this doesnít keep you awake. Rest easy, for the sun is sure to rise tomorrow.


Looking forward


Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher