Editor's Notes

Wouldn't it be nice, one said, if people would just be honest and say what they really think of you? Gawd no! said the other, then you'd never have any peace. Whether we like it or not, Kevin Myers of The Sunday Telegraph, a conservative British newspaper salutes Canada. He likens Canada to the proverbial ignored female at a dance. A wallflower who even though she exercises heroic deeds from time to time is still left off the dance card. Some of our attributes listed in the piece may be even unknown to many Canadians.

Otherwise we focus on the tragedy in the Persian Gulf. Throughout the world voices of alarm are mounting about what that loose cannon, that obsessive compulsive, George W, Bush is planning. We do know that a third carrier strike force is steaming toward the Persian Gulf. We do know about troop escalation in Iraq. We do know that George W. is a coward, a liar, a bully, and reckless with the lives of others. Sadly we see a U.S. congress that has the strength to restrain him but can't seem to be able to muster enough of a majority to stop him. You'll find here three excellent articles on the subject, one from Newsweek, another by a Harvard professor who is an expert on the subject, and one from the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations reminding us that in 2003 his warnings about the results of an attack on Iraq have been proven correct.

You'll notice that a new voice has surfaced in True North, that of Michael Garvin, Doctor of Hintology. Don't miss his excellent advice on how to deal with a door's squeaking hinges. I tested the method and was amazed at the results. See you tomorrow Meanwhile,

Take it easy, but take it.

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Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher.