Editor’s Notes

A strange thing happened three years ago

In Canada’s capital, Ottawa, October, 2004, more than 50,000 packed movie theatres to experience a film about a revolutionary — a real revolutionary who used guns with real bullets to achieve his ends. Not only that, the revolutionary was a Marxist.

The movie, as many readers already know, was Motorcycle Diaries. It was the  story of a young, sheltered, upper class Argentinean medical student who went on a long motorcycle trip in South America. His experiences prompted him to become a revolutionary. He fought with Fidel Castro in the overthrow of the Cuban dictator Batista.

Trapped in Bolivia a few years later, he was executed by the army on orders from the CIA

After his death, Guevara became an icon of socialist revolutionary movements and a cultural icon worldwide. An Alberto Korda photo of him has received wide distribution and modification, appearing on t-shirts, protest banners, and in many other formats. The Maryland Institute College of Art called this picture "the most famous photograph in the world and a symbol of the 20th century."

But we’ll leave Che here. Volumes about him may be found on the internet. What was strange to me three years ago was the tens of thousands who bought tickets to a movie about the young biker. Ottawa has long been known as a conservative town that mostly votes Liberal.  I never would have believed that beneath that façade there were so many socialist revolutionaries.

Below please find three pieces on Che. One by The New York Times, one by Che’s daughter in The Gaurdian UK, and one by his old buddy Fidel.

Of course there’s a lot more in this issue to hone your intelligence and imagination.

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Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
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