Editor’s Notes

Our focus today is on the big shake last week in the financial markets. In the most unlikely event that some of you missed it, we start off with a brief summary made in China. We move on to The Economist for a characteristically excellent, sober, analysis that warns that if we don’t learn from last week the next slide could be nastier. Then we have Jeff Pan of the China Daily News pointing out that the fearsome tremble came against a background of China’s 130 per cent. growth last year. Finally, there isYi Xianrong, director of the Institute of Financial Development and System under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, telling everyone to calm down, and urging Beijing to severely punish anyone caught manipulating the market because such manipulations hurt the small investor.

Aside from our regular features, that’s all for today. Don’t miss a click this week because we’ll be telling you how many virgins a female suicide bomber gets when she goes to heaven, how the Cherokee descendents of the Trail of Tears are going to court to deny any heritage to the descendents of black slaves they brought with them. And then there’ll be pieces on the fantasy world of rich Russians, and of how a poor black farm worker is keeping the blues alive in a great big shack. By popular demand Mike ‘The Hammer’ Garvin will be back Friday and every Friday afterward (with some in between). And much more, needless to say.

Meanwhile, reach for the stars, but keep your feet on the ground.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher