Chinese restaurant in Moscow
served stray dogs as mutton

Russia Herald

A Chinese restaurant chain in Moscow has slaughtered stray dogs and served them to its customers as mutton, a representative for the local authorities was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency Monday.

Food inspectors found dogs' heads and disembowelled bodies at the restaurant, while other animals for slaughter were being held in a cage.

“Chinese chefs slaughtered the dogs at the restaurant and prepared their meat as a delicacy,” said Philipp Solotnizki.

Criminal proceedings for fraud and animal cruelty have been brought against the owner of the restaurant chain, which has been closed in the meantime.

The food inspectors found out about the fraud after being tipped off by customers.

On leaving the restaurant two men noticed how sacks were carried through the restaurants' back door, and that something in the sacks was moving.

After the men made a complaint, food inspectors visited the restaurant incognito, ordered several dishes and took samples.

Analyses in Russian laboratories showed that the customers had been illegally served dog meat, the authorities said.

In a later raid, investigators found canine carcasses as well as living dogs.

In August animal rights activists had complained about the disappearance of large numbers of stray dogs from the city and notified the public prosecutor.

Residents of various Moscow areas claimed that guest workers from Asia had caught the animals and eaten them.