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Nissan market the Cube

By Auto

Nissan North America has recently announced their partnership with two design and film schools to help them showcase a unique Japanese vehicle here on our side of the pond. The Japanese market Nissan Cube will be demonstrated to North Americans when students have finished creating films and designs inspired by its special and inspiring design.

"When first launched in Japan, the Nissan Cube was the 'must-have' car for the uber-fashionable and trendy consumers," says Bruce Campbell, vice president of design at Nissan. "It quickly skyrocketed to become an icon in Japan, and — as Nissan continues to think big about small products — this project helps us understand how we can translate that success to other markets like North America."

The participating schools are the Brooks Institute film school in Santa Barbara, CA and the Pratt Institute School of Art and Design in New York.

Each school gets two Cubes, while participants are asked to deconstruct and communicate the essence of the vehicle through concepts while meeting with Nissan periodically for updates. Both film and design students will be asked to present their concept direction to the Japanese automaker at onset, before the film students create a 5 to 10 minute short film which highlights the machine. Additionally, design students are asked to enhance the Cube through changes in color, graphics, materials and wheels.

The final products will be on display at the 2008 New York International Auto Show this April.