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Friday, September 18, 2009
True North Perspective
Vol. 4, No. 43 (194)

In case you missed it ... and always worth repeating

Winston Churchill: Give us the tools and we'll finish the job

Let's say that news throughout human time has been free. Take that time when Ugh Wayne went over to the cave of Mugh Payne with news that the chief of his group had broken a leg while chasing his laughing wife around the fire. That news was given freely and received as such with much knowing smiles and smirks to say nothing of grunts of approval or disapproval.

Jumping ahead about 100,000 years those who paused at the parish pump and learned the news about neighbours Jack and Jill who had gone up the hill to fetch a pail of water. She who delivered the news reported that Jack had fallen down and broken his crown while Jill came tumbling after. Someone at the parish pump said why on earth had they gone up the hill to fetch a pail of water when they could more easily have gotten it down here. Someone else said, I think they had more than water in mind when they went up that hill. And so the analyses would continue until one by one they had to break away to satisfy the reason that had prompted them to come to the pump in the first place

Today you can go to your municipal council and listen to the debates without charge. You can do the same at provincial or state legislatures. The news there would be free too. The same is true in all countries; I would guess even in Iran or Iraq, or Afghanistan, Bahrain or Canada.

But you don't because you don't have the time.

It's true that you can buy a radio, television, or computer (at least) and select news and analyses there. But you don't have the time nor is there the focus that satisfies. For that you buy cable television.

The fact is that news has never been free. Ugh Wayne had to run half a day over rough terrain to carry his news to Mugh and the gang. She who brought the news about Jack and Jill had to leave her work in the garden at the foot of the hill to get to the parish-pump. Today, reporters (as we used to call them before they became journalists) have to spend hours each day at the gatherings of elected representatives to listen and to analyze before hitting keyboards and talking into microphones with or without cameras.

To bring you news and analyses takes hard work and time, and to succeed, to sustain the process, costs money.

True North Perspective is unique. There is no other publication in the whole worldwide web that comes close to what we are. All others operate on million dollar budgets. The Real News, for example, was launched on a $5 million budget and continues to operate with a seven-digit dollar base. More power to it but it doesn't have the breadth and depth of True North Perspective. None of them do.

It takes one hundred hours a week to produce True North Perspective. It's a high-end read that readers must like because they keep coming back and in growing numbers in up to as many as 88 countries. We think we've got the right formula but we need money to sustain it. By the way, the hundred hours a week is put in by the tiny core that does the creative mechanics of getting it out. It doesn't include the uncounted hours of work put in by our volunteer regular columnists. They should be getting paid too.

So think of True North Perspective as your cable-of-choice web site. Give until just before it hurts to provide us with a fighting chance to give you the “cable” web site you deserve. We've just begun to flower. Your donation no matter how small will nourish our growth in your favour.

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Carl Dow
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