Zuma introduces wife to supporters

By Staff Writers
International OnLine News

New South African President Jacob Zuma introduced his first wife Sizakele Khumalo to supporters after his inauguration on Saturday.

"This is MaKhumalo, my eldest wife. The other two who came after her, MaNtuli and MaMabhija, used the other exit," Zuma said to loud cheers from the crowd on the lawns below the Union Building in Pretoria.

MaKhumalo, wearing a long golden coat with a purple dress and headgear, smiled broadly but did not say a word.

Zuma, known as the "man of the people", went down to address the crowd right after the formal ceremony.

He explained to them how he was sworn in as the country's fourth democratic president.

Zuma thanked them for coming to his inauguration, their support in voting for the African National Congress in the April 22 elections.

"This is how things happen in a democratic country... the previous administration hands over to the next smoothly, without any violence. I, thank you for your support."

Zuma promised his supporters that he would come to all provinces to thank them properly and "celebrate with them".

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