Newly elected South African president Zuma urges media freedom

By Janet Heard
International OnLine News

Thabo Mbeki, defeated president of South Africa, was booed by the crowd on the lawns, despite Zuma describing him as embodying all the finest aspects of the ANC.

But the thousands' cheers were thunderous for Mothlantle.

Zuma directly addressed those living with HIV, women battling violence, children and the poor in an impassioned appeal to the nation. He said we must draw on the energies of all South Africans and discover what binds us together as a nation. Never shall we return to a time of strife.

Zuma said we do not seek conformity and must accommodate dissent.

He urged freedom of the media.

Spontaneous applause burst on the lawns when Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe appeared on the big screen.

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