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Bear market windfalls being earned now!
While those fooled into thinking crisis is over took heavy losses

By Martin D. Weiss
Money and Markets

JUPITER, Florida — Wednesday — in a single trading session — investors who owned stock in MGM Mirage watched helplessly as nearly one-third of their money vanished into thin air.

The bloodletting hit every imaginable sector and industry: Lear Corporation, Tenneco, Freddie Mac, Avis, BankAtlantic, Genworth Financial and Strategic Hotels & Resorts all lost ONE-FIFTH or more of their value.

Beazer Homes declined 21.8% ... Entercom Communications sunk 22.3% ... Boise fell 23.8% ... Sunrise Assisted Living dropped 23.3% ... Conseco plunged 25.3% ... Liz Claiborne plummeted 26.2% ... Precision Drilling Trust collapsed 28.6% ... Lee Enterprises, a major publishing firm, crashed 31.3%.

All in a single trading session! All during what was supposed to be “a new bull market!”

Meanwhile, investors who took the other side of these trades had the opportunity to rack up truly amazing one-day profits. Heck, even the simplest, most easy-to-use contrarian investments — inverse ETFs — delivered stellar one-day gains:

You could have grabbed a 3.84% gain with the inverse ETF on the Dow ... a 6.7% gain with the inverse ETF on consumer services ... a 9.8% gain on the financial sector inverse ETF ... and a 13.8% gain on the real estate sector inverse ETF!

That’s 446% more than ten-year treasuries pay in a whole year — and you could have earned it in a single day!

No, you can’t go back in time and recapture those profits. Nobody can. But can you see why I say that if you make the right moves, bear markets can bring you windfall profits?

Keep in mind: Yesterday’s 184 point decline in the Dow was only a drop in the bucket; only one of the first confirming signals that this bear market rally — this dead cat bounce — has run its course and that the next, even more dramatic phase of this great crisis is about to begin.

Take this morning’s news for instance:

U.S. Jobless Claims Surge AGAIN!

This morning, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits hit a new record high FOR THE 15th WEEK IN A ROW!

Plus, as if to prove my point that this crisis is only growing worse, a staggering 637,000 laid-off workers applied for unemployment benefits, 32,000 more than the week before!

This bombshell, coming immediately after yesterday’s dismal retail sales report, should be a giant red flag for every investor.

Consumer spending makes up 70% of the U.S. economy. Consumers are losing their jobs in droves — and unemployed consumers do not spend. Even Americans who still have paychecks are saving every penny they can, fearing they could be next to lose their incomes.

The handwriting is clearly on the wall: The end of this crisis is nowhere in sight. The recent rally was nothing more than a temporary lull in a 100-year economic hurricane.

The next wave of corporate failures and stock market blood-letting — and the next wave of windfall profit potential for contrarian investors — are just ahead!

This is precisely why I signed a check 
deposited it in my brokerage account ...

It’s why I want to show you what I’m doing to profit in the next devastating phase of this crisis WITH MY OWN MONEY ...

Why I’ll even give you 48 hours advance notice before I buy or sell anything so you can beat me to the punch ...

And it’s why I’m posting the results of every trade I make — every confirmation and brokerage statement Fidelity sends me — online: To give you independent, third-party confirmation of our results.

Now, with the next phase of this great crisis set to crush stocks through this summer and beyond ...

And with my favorite contrarian investments selling for what I’m convinced will soon be seen as bargain-basement prices ...

We have an extremely limited window of opportunity to re-open my Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio.

While no portfolio can guarantee profits, I sincerely believe that this is a major opportunity. So, if you’d welcome a way to take full advantage of the low prices on my favorite contrarian investments now, click this link to see how my Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio can help you seize this historic opportunity.

But it is absolutely essential that we close enrollment on May 31 and begin adding new contrarian positions immediately thereafter, at the very latest!

That gives you an extremely small window of time to get on-board and to join me as I go for substantial profits as stocks resume their historic plunge.

Click this link now for the full report on my Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio and to activate your membership while you still can.

Best wishes,


P.S. Not sure what to do now? Take this simple test: First, draw a vertical line down the middle of a sheet of paper ...

In the left column, list anything you can think of that could cause this bear market to end.

In the right column, list everything that tells you that there’s no end in sight to this bear market — soaring foreclosures, sinking home values, a crash in commercial real estate, skyrocketing unemployment, plunging consumer spending; the works.

Now, look at your list and ask yourself, “If not now, WHEN?”

“If I fail to seize this opportunity despite all this overwhelming proof, how will I feel when the next phase of this massive bear market begins — and when contrarian investments spin off windfall profits for other investors but not for me?

My team and I are doing everything in our power to make sure you DO NOT miss what we believe could be the single greatest profit opportunity of your life: CLICK THIS LINK to read the full report.

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