Letters to the editor

Readers comments on columns by Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair

I enjoyed your article "Grandparenting on Demand" in True North Perspective (April 3rd)). I truly believe what you are saying. I miss having my grandchildren around to love and play with as you are doing. My love for them is shown in my writing. You are a very good person.

— Roberta Dupont, Ottawa, Ont.

"Grandparenting on Demand"... What a nice story! Grandchildren give us our second wind.

— Debby Stinson, Navan, Ont.

You should be bursting with pride. Your articles are well written and well received by everyone. Your talent is shining!

— Arline Boyd, Victoria, B.C.

What you say about grandparenting is so true!

— Denis Dagenais, Gatineau, Qué.

Hello Grandma Alberte! I read your article in the April 3rd TNP. Bravo! Your advice is sound and to the point. Your grandchildren are lucky to have you in their lives.

— Nicole Roussin, Orléans, Ont.

Your TNP article on gardening is a wonderful message of hope and encouragement! It makes me feel like working on a corner of greenery near my patio. It's an excellent way of letting off steam while hoping for better days.

— Lise Gerow, Vanier, Ont.

I just read your 3rd article in TNP, "The Joys and Benefits of Gardening". It's very interesting and spiritual, this communion with nature... because it all really started in a garden. Your delicate and refreshing simplicity tugs at our heart strings.

— Nicole Roussin, Orléans, Ont.

I have just read your three articles, one after the other. They are very good! Your love of Life shines through. I love the one that talks of your role as a grandmother, even if I also appreciate the other two.

— Lysette Brochu, Gatineau, Qué.

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