U.S. government General Accounting Office reveals
Bush openly spends tens of millions to destabilize Cuba

‘Ladies in White’ are considered a special spearhead

By Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

WASHINGTON — Breaking or bending international (and national) law has never been a problem for President George W. Bush.

Everyone knows about the attack on Afghanistan that rode on international empathy caused by infamous 9/11/01. There was the attack on Iraq based on lies about that country. We know there are at least 100,000 troops in bases throughout the world that we can be sure are not just sitting there doing nothing.

But how many know that while Americans are not allowed to visit Cuba and companies in foreign countries including Canada are penalized for doing business there, the U.S. government is spending millions within Cuba to destabilize that country?

According to a report by the U.S. government’s General Accounting Office, (GAO), so far this year Washington has spent 45.7 million dollars in Cuba that are designed to finance opposition to the government at Havana. This money is part of a total 116 million earmarked during the Bush administration.

While the U.S. doesn’t have an embassy in Cuba it does have what is called a United States Interest Section (SINA) located in Havana.

Called the General Headquarters of Subversive Propaganda by the Cuban government, SINA has been a very busy place.

Between 1996 to 2006, it has imported for distribution to disgruntled Cubans 385,000 pounds of medicine, food and clothing, more than 23,000 short-wave radio sets, as well as millions of books, booklets, and other printed material.

According to the GAO report between 2000 and 2005 the SINA office increased its imports to Cuba by almost 200 per cent. Up to 70 per cent of the total was for material distributed to opposition groups in Cuba.

From January to March this year SINA has facilitated access to Internet services for those Cubans who have bought into the program, it has taught computer courses and what it calls independent journalism.

While we have been led to believe that Cuba is a closed society with a frightened population willing Cubans openly avail themselves of the never ending supply of electronic equipment, stickers, pullovers, and literature hostile to the government. SINA has organized videoconferences with top officials of the Bush administration and with anti-Cuban representatives of what Havana calls the Cuban-American mob based in the United States.

SINA openly offers its offices and homes of officials for receptions by dissidents (called mercenaries by Cuban authorities), videoconferences, and exhibition of anti-government material. It even provides transportation to disciples to and from these meetings.

The home of SINA official Gregory Adams, at Calle 24, 521 Miramar has a reputation of being a conference centre for the American financed groups.

One such cluster is called The Ladies in White, which receives special financial attention from the Bush White House. They frequently meet at the SINA headquarters and receive direct attention from Michael Parmly, office chief.

One of the Ladies has received a personal letter of recognition from president Bush.

SINA has financed the publishing of a book about her husband who has been sanctioned for serving the interests of a hostile government. SINA Havana official Thomas Hamn attended the launching of the book.

The Cuban government, of course, has taken umbrage at the financing and organizational inspiration and support of what it calls this subversive activity of the U.S. government by SINA.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denounced direct interference in Cuban affairs by the American government.

A ministry statement said, “The Cuban revolution will never give up its right to defend itself.

“Now that we are approaching our celebrations of the first half-century of our victorious Revolution, not even the most powerful empire ever known should have any doubt about our people’s capacity to thwart any attempt to deprive us from the future that we have created with so much effort, dignity, and sacrifice.”