Evidence revealed in the Court of Judge Wright
shows that the Taliban are as appalling as ever

In all the furor over the dishonest, and stupid bungling by the Bush administration over Afghanistan (Osama! Where are you?) and Iraq, we should not forget that the Taliban and al Qaeda are not the kind of people one would want as next-door neighbours. The U.S. ignored their treatment of women and other crimes against humanity as they financed the war to send the Soviets home from Afghanistan. Today they reap as they have sown.

We catch only glimpses behind this ugly turmoil of the terrible discrimination against women that prevails today. The cost of Bush’s war is heading to the trillion-dollar mark. Think of what this kind of money could have done to salvage women and children if it had been used via the channels of diplomacy.

The following ain’t funny McGee but it sure makes a telling point: