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PBS journalist Bill Moyers.

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Editor’s Notes

Who are we to believe?
Bush calls them dissidents Castro calls them U.S.-paid Quislings

Tuesday, March 18, 2003, more than 70 Cubans were arrested for being what Fidel Castro calls Quislings on Washington’s payroll who were operating a Fifth Column. — 378 words.

In Court of Judge Harold Wright witness confesses
to successful, cheap scheme to murder mosquitoes 

“I swear, Your Honour, the best way to murder mosquitoes is Listerine, the original medicinal type. The Dollar Store-type works, too. I was at a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared. — 276 words.

Health Watch

Public balks at ‘No-Brainer’ Syndrome:
Using the HPV vaccine and male circumcision to fight disease

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, called the new HPV vaccine, Gardasil, approved last year by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), ”a no-brainer.” Many advocates in the blogosphere use the same phrase, “no-brainer,” to describe the World Health Organization (WHO) 2006 recommendation for male circumcision as an HIV/AIDS prevention strategy, at least in sub-Saharan Africa. Most health professionals agreed, even if they didn’t use the exact phrase. — 1,627 words.

From the Desk of Mike ‘The Hammer’ Garvin

Volvo agrees to $7 million penalty over Iraq Oil-for-Food

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Swedish truck and vehicle maker Volvo AB (VOLVb.ST: Quote, Profile, Research) has agreed to pay a $7 million penalty as part of an agreement with the U.S. Justice Department in connection with a probe of the U.N. Oil for Food program for Iraq, the Justice Department said recently. — 116 words.

ACCESS DENIED: U.S. law will limit Canadian access
to RADARSAT-2 data if sale of space division proceeds

OTTAWA — On the same day that Industry Minister Jim Prentice announced a 30-day delay on his decision whether to approve the sale of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates? (MDA) space division to U.S.-based Alliant Techsystems (ATK), the Rideau Institute and the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) released a legal opinion that raised concerns about the proposed deal. — 360 words.

Contrary to popular belief the Greens ‘steal’ Liberal votes

Lesson of by-elections: electorate wants NDP to move left
back to traditional role of fighting for society’s less well-off

"I'd rather waffle to the left than waffle to the right."
- Ed Broadbent, 1969, when accused of waffling on a question

There was good news for the federal New Democratic Party in the Monday, March 17, four by-elections — if it gets the message. — 2,458 words.

Spirit Quest

By The Reverend Hanns F. Skoutajan

Curtain Call

I have always preferred “live theatre”, plays, musicals and operas, to films. As a child, about 7 years of age, when I still lived in Europe, I was frightened by a movie. It was called Storms Over Mount Blanc. The entire action took place in a small hut that served as a weather station high up on the slopes of Europe’s highest mountain. A thin copper wire connected this outpost to civilization down below over which the operator sent messages by Morse code — until, of course, this conduit was severed. That’s all I remember except that half way though the showing I wished that I was anywhere except in the confines of that small theatre. — 856 words

The Dangerous Atheism of Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris

From demonizing Muslims to believing we can use science for our own moral advancement, the New Atheists preach a dangerous faith.

. . . the New Atheists . . .  peddle the alluring and enticing fantasy of inevitable moral and material progress. This vision is not based on science, history or reason. It is an act of faith. It is a form of the occult. It is no more scientific legitimacy than alchemy.’ — 2,674 words.

The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright and the Audacity of Truth
Why did Obama’s Rev. Wright say ‘Goddamn America’?

‘Dr. Wright is not un-American. He embodies what America was founded upon, the free exchange of ideas in the public space, speaking truth to power, challenging America to be the best that it can be.’

Over the past week or so, mainstream media have turned much of their attention to the fiery sermons of the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Dr. Wright is pastor to Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) and his family. He was also, until recently, pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago. — 1,918 words.

About Those New Seven Deadly Sins

 ‘The Vatican's talk of "social sins" may indicate progress. But before it speaks for social responsibility, the Church has to have to take some itself.’

So it would appear the Vatican has unveiled a list of seven new sins. Not just any sins. Mortal sins. The kind that, if gone unconfessed, will send you to hell. — 1,191 words.

How many child prostitutes is Bush responsible for?
Public demand for impeachment grows in the U.S.

George Bush has been tied to a prostitution ring involving as many as 50,000 women and girls. The prostitutes, some as young as 13, are among the 1.2 million desperate Iraqis who fled to Syria after Bush's invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to the U.K. Independent. — 932 words.

The Dalai Lama May Be a God, but He’s No Politician

‘No evidence that Chinese have killed 1.2 million Tibetans’


NEARLY a decade ago, while staying with a nomad family in the remote grasslands of northeastern Tibet, I asked Namdrub, a man who fought in the anti-Communist resistance in the 1950s, what he thought about the exiled Tibetans who campaigned for his freedom. “It may make them feel good, but for us, it makes life worse,” he replied. “It makes the Chinese create more controls over us. Tibet is too important to the Communists for them even to discuss independence.” — 975 words.

Who Took Those Tibet Pictures?


The Chinese government has restricted foreign reporters from entering Tibet, but amateur photos and videos of protesters have found their way onto YouTube and various media sites outside the Great Firewall. Is it possible to trace who took those pictures? — 565 words.

Did you know?

Homes Quiz – by Mark Kearney and Randy Ray

For many Canadians, their home is their castle.  It’s where they spend the greatest portion of their time relaxing with friends and family, entertaining, tackling odd jobs, or sleeping.  They also spend a large chunk of their income on mortgage payments, property taxes, repairs and upgrades.

But how much do Canadians know about the homes they live in or are planning to buy?  As you tour open houses in search of your dream home this spring, or plan renovations at your existing abode, we invite you to test your knowledge of housing with our trivia quiz.. We’ll pose one question each issue here. You can find the answer at the bottom of the page. Good  luck!

At slightly more than 57 per cent, single-family homes are the most common residence in Canada.  What style of home ranks second?
a) Row housing b) low-rise apartments c) high-rise apartments d) semi-detached

Randy Ray of Ottawa and Mark Kearney of London, Ont. are the authors of seven books, including Pucks, Pablum & Pingos, a Canadian trivia book to be published in April.  Visit their Web site at:

Long road ahead before peace between Taiwan and China

TAIPEI (Reuters) — An end to the more than half a century of hostility and tension between Taiwan and China may be in the offing with the election of a more China-friendly president for the island, but progress will be slow and tortuous. — 677 words.

Hillary's NAFTA lies kill all of her credibility on trade
and throw into question everything else she says

John Nichols writes about politics for The Nation magazine as its Washington correspondent.

What is the proper word for the claim by Hillary Clinton and the more factually disinclined supporters of her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination — made in speeches, briefings and interviews (including one by this reporter with the candidate) — that she has always been a critic of the North American Free Trade Agreement? — 602 words.

Why the West loved Yeltsin and hates Putin
Clinton to Bush: ‘Putin doesn’t have a soul’

On May 7, Vladimir Putin, who has been President of Russia for the past eight years will step down and Dmitry Medvedev will be sworn in as new leader.

Even though Putin is likely to stay on as Prime Minister at Medvedev's invitation, Russia will that day turn a page in its modern history. — 1,398 words.

Fairy tales of glorious battles in Chechnya
Medals given by Putin for fictional fight

Here is the latest scandal to hit Chechnya: A Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist, while on a visit to Grozny for a football game, took a drive down the street that was renamed just last month for the 84th Paratroopers Squadron.

He discovered that a memorial plaque was missing from one of the buildings on the street. The local authorities removed the plaque — ostensibly for repairs. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov had even promised to deploy a security detail armed with machine guns next to the plaque. — 656 words.

Bush coalition of the willing not so willing
U.S. bullied allies on Iraq, diplomat writes

Chilean envoy to UN recounts threats of retaliation in run-up to invasion.

UNITED NATIONS — In the months leading up to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration threatened trade reprisals against friendly countries who withheld their support, spied on its allies, and pressed for the recall of U.N. envoys that resisted U.S. pressure to endorse the war, according to an upcoming book by a top Chilean diplomat. — 953 words.

Cheney on Another Grim Milestone: So?

"So?" As in, "So what?" As in, "F*** you. I could care less."

Dick Cheney spent the 5th anniversary of the war, not mourning the dead he killed, but fishing off the Sultan of Oman's royal yacht.

Michael Moore is an Academy award-winning filmmaker and author of "Dude, Where's My Country?"

It would have to happen on Easter Sunday, March 23, wouldn't it, that the 4,000th American soldier would die in Iraq. Play me that crazy preacher again, will you, about how maybe God, in all his infinite wisdom, may not exactly be blessing America these days. Is anyone surprised? — 592 words.

Venezuela targets U.S. in UN terrorism debate
Accuses U.S. of practicing double-standards

CARACAS, Venezuela —  Venezuela's Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Aura Rodriguez de Ortiz, slammed the U.S. government's "double standard" on combating terrorism during a UN Security Council meeting Wednesday, March 19. — 869 words.

It takes determined Granny Power to make a difference

The role of a grandmother is a special one, but her role in filmmaking, as well as in the HIV and Aids pandemic, has never before been addressed.  A documentary, called The Great Granny Revolution, brilliantly brings this issue to the fore and shows what a difference grandmothers can make when they band together. — 528 words.

The Iraq war is killing the U.S. economy
Is this Harper’s garden path for Canada?

 Robert Pollin is professor of economics and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts. Heidi Garrett-Peltier is a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Massachusetts and a research assistant at PERI.

Recognizing the costs of the Iraq War is even more crucial now that the economy is facing recession.

There is no longer any doubt that the Iraq War is a moral and strategic disaster for the United States. But what has not yet been fully recognized is that it has also been an economic disaster.  — 2,735 words.

Plans for anti-terror unit found in garbage

OTTAWA (Reuters) — Canada will probe how blueprints for the new headquarters of an elite military counter-terrorism unit ended up in a pile of garbage, says Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day. — 162 words.

A voice from the other side of the fence …

‘The fate of humanity is in the hands
of those who live in a fantasy land’ 

— 1,147 words.

Castro calls Bush’s dissidents ‘Quislings, spies’
who were convicted in a fair trial in an open court

— 1,226 words.

BACKGROUND: Fidel Castro’s Reflections call to mind the convoluted plots of John le Carré novels. It’s all here. International intrigue in high places. Violence on the ground. Loyalty and duty contrasted with bribery and betrayal. All for the highest stakes. A deadly contest. A world to win.  A world to lose. It’s interesting to see the world through the eyes of one who is actively at the centre of all this. So far no cry of outrage from our readers against our new Guest Columnist. So here we go with the third installment of Reflections by Comrade Fidel, published verbatim as received from the Cuban Embassy in Ottawa. (For those who yet don’t know how Fidel Castro became a Guest Columnist for True North Perspective, please click here.

Energy conversion has begun...and there's still time to profit

It was December 21 when we last spoke of Cree (CREE:NASDAQ) benefiting from the 2012 100-watt incandescent bulb ban announcement. Since then the stock has run from a $22 low to more than $35 - a 59% move that Pure Energy Trader readers benefited handsomely from with the underlying stock. And the Cree June 2008 25 calls gained more than 310% at one point. — 452 words.

Fascinating historical notes … by George Laidlaw

George Laidlaw is a novelist and President of the Ottawa Independent Writers.

South African Boers supported Nazi Germany during World War 11

The Boers (Dutch farmers) in South Africa never forgave the British because during the Boar War the British put women, children and captured Boer fighters into  'Concentration' camps where many died from disease and starvation. — 244 words.

The Book End

Every Friday in this spot True North will feature a book by a Canadian writer. The presentation will not be a review. It will include a profile of the author written by him/herself and about the product of the author’s literary labours. If a reader wants to file a review we’ll publish it. Looking forward.

The Galilee Legacy
Mervyn Finch MBE


Caught in the middle of warring factions in the most violent city on earth, Jon and his friend must not only try to save his parents’ lives, but also the Middle East from certain disaster. The place is war-torn Beirut in 1983, recently occupied by Israeli forces. Jon Kazzi is a Lebanese-British national working for his father’s bank in the Christian east of the city. Having served with the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), Kazzi is recruited by a Christian militia, where he uses his lethal skills for years, but he gradually tires of the killing and decides to opt out. However, things are not always so easy. For more of the synopsis, a thumb nail biography and photo of the author please click here.

How to Promote Your Book or Your Business:

An April 19, 2008 Workshop

Ottawa publicity experts Barbara Florio Graham and Randy Ray will share their expertise on how authors and businesses can get their message out to the public effectively and inexpensively.

The three-hour workshop opens at 1 p.m. on April 19 at the National Library in Ottawa and is sponsored by Ottawa Independent Writers.

Cost: $50 for OIW members; $60 for non-members.

For more information: Randy Ray: (613) 731-3873 or

Harold Wright, Doctor of Punology, and his colleague George Carlin succinctly deal with profound questions of life and living: “I am." is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that "I do." is the longest sentence?”

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Answer to Homes Quiz Did You Know?

b) low-rise apartments at 18 per cent, followed by high rises, nine per cent, row housing 5.3 per cent and semi-detached, 4.9 per cent, says the Canada Mortgage and Housing Association


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