Caught in the middle of warring factions in the most violent city on earth, Jon and his friend must not only try to save his parents’ lives, but also the Middle East from certain disaster.

The place is war-torn Beirut in 1983, recently occupied by Israeli forces. Jon Kazzi is a Lebanese-British national working for his father’s bank in the Christian east of the city. Having served with the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), Kazzi is recruited by a Christian militia, where he uses his lethal skills for years, but he gradually tires of the killing and decides to opt out.

However, things are not always so easy. One day, Jon is informed that his parents have been kidnapped, and the only way he can save them is by using his contacts in the militia. He must rely on his friend’s expertise to help him in retrieving a consignment of unregistered security boxes. The two friends are quickly drawn into a dangerous game of survival.

About the Author

Mervyn Finch, MBE, was born in Wolverhampton, England, in 1951. He was one of fourteen siblings in a working-class family. Merv left school at the age of fifteen to find work as a trainee carpenter, before signing up in 1970 for service in the British Army. He spent twenty-two years as a telecommunications specialist in the Royal Corps of Signals. He served in units as diverse as Maritime, Armoured, Tactical Air Support, Special Forces, and with the only tactical electronic warfare regiment in the British Army. He attained the rank of Warrant Officer Class One, and was awarded the prestigious “Member of the British Empire” (MBE) medal by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1988.

On retirement in 1992, and after a short, if somewhat colourful, career in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) with a security consultancy firm in the south of England, Merv worked for ten years as a technical trainer and training instructional designer with a well-known telecommunications equipment manufacturer.

Merv is married, has two adult children, and now lives in Canada, where he has attained citizenship and started his own business (
He also carries out art commissions and illustrations. See his art website at;

Works include:
The Galilee Legacy – A thriller set in Beirut during the early 1980’s
The Pledge--A thriller set in Ottawa and Europe in the present day.
Warro--The Early Years (part one of an autobiographic trilogy)
Warro--Twenty-two Years (part two of an autobiographic trilogy)