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Friday, July 24, 2009, Vol. 4, No, 35 — 186
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Editor's Notes

Friday, July 24, 2009
True North Perspective
Vol. 4, No. 35 (186)

At True North Perspective every day is Women's Day

As we continue our journey through our Archives until we renew publishing Friday, September 11, we'll draw on our well of sparkling achievement. Today we feature our Friday March 7, 2008 edition in honour of International Women's Day. Immediately below is Editor's Notes for the edition.

Editor's Notes

We hold this truth to be self evident:
Women are to be loved and respected

One afternoon in March of 1962 I broke away from my typewriter and sat down in front of the television set. For the next three hours I told myself, I'll watch television as if I'm a woman. How can you do that? Some would say. Well, a writer's imagination allows him to do that, otherwise how could writers produce different characters in a novel or a play? Until then I had watched television as a red-blooded male, ignoring all the messages aimed at women. About three hours after I had made this decision, I switched off the television in a state of fury. I was thoroughly insulted. — 562 words.

For a laugh-out-louder be sure to read

Visiting Judge Harold Wright bangs the gavel to halt

a line of questioning directed at elderly grandmother

And be sure not to miss the thrilling story of

The teenage girls who hammered Hitler

from Stalingrad on the Volga to Berlin
While cowardly Hollywood actor John Wayne dodged the draft

Back to the Western Hemisphere we have

History of Venezuela's Women's Movement

Just scroll down the list on the cover and you'll find a lot more to make you proud that you're a woman, and if you're not one, then that you know one.

For more of the past that sheds light on our present, be sure to open the next edition of True North Perspective, Friday. July 31, 2009.

Meanwhile, take it easy but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

From our archives

The complete 2008 Women's Day edition of True North Perspective, click here

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"News is what (certain) people want to keep hidden. Everything else is just publicity."
PBS journalist Bill Moyers.


And now for something completely different ...

In case you missed it ...
The Old Man's Last Sauna, a collection of short stories by Carl Dow

The short story, The Old Man's Last Sauna, a groundbreaking love story, in the Friday, April 24 edition of True North Perspective, concludes the collection titled The Old Man's Last Sauna, written by Carl Dow. On Friday, April 17, you'll find O Ernie! ... What Have They Done To You! The series began Friday, February 20, with Deo Volente (God Willing). The second, The Quintessence of Mr. Flynn, Friday, February 27. The third, Sharing Lies, Friday, March 6. The fourth, Flying High, Friday, March 13. The fifth, The Richest Bitch in the Country or Ginny I Hardly Knows Ya, Friday, March 20. On Friday, March 27, One Lift Too Many, followed by The Model A Ford, Friday, April 3. The out-of-body chiller, Room For One Only, Friday, April 10. The series closed Friday, April 24, with the collection's namesake The Old Man's Last Sauna, a groundbreaking love story. All stories may also be found in the True North Perspective Archives.

The Big Book of Canadian Trivia now in stores

Ottawa author Randy Ray and his co-author Mark Kearney of London, Ont. have published their ninth Canadian book, The Big Book of Canadian Trivia, which is now available in stores and on the authors' Web site at:

The latest Ray-Kearney effort is best described as a "greatest hits" book that contains the best Canadiana from their previous eight books, plus a considerable amount of new material.

In one big book readers will find all the trivia and facts about Canada they need to know: there are stories of important Canadian artifacts and history including what became of Canada's World War II spy camp.

All regions and provinces are covered, as well as important Canadian figures like John Molson, Elizabeth Arden and Russ Jackson.

If that isn't enough there will also be pieces explaining whatever happened to such Canadian icons as the last spike, labour leader Bob White, hockey tough guy Dave "The Hammer" Schultz, the first skidoo, swimmer Marilyn Bell and the first Tim Hortons donut shop.

Some items are "classics." Others are little known facts. Approximately 25% of the material has never before appeared in print.

This fascinating Big Book brings together for the first time in one package the most notable facts and trivia from the archives of the trivia guys' collection.

The Big Book of Canadian Trivia is published by The Dundurn Group of Toronto.

Website may be path to success
for authors, publishers, and companies

Prolific best-selling Ottawa author and publicist Randy Ray has developed a website to promote his publicity services, which he offers to authors, publishers and companies. Mr. Ray has helped many clients get their message out across Canada on CTV, CBC Radio, CH-TV, A-Channel and Global TV, and in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, Halifax Herald and many Ottawa-area weekly newspapers. Mr. Ray's web site is: He can be contacted at: (613) 731-3873 or

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