CSIS a culture of cruelty and stupidity tortures child soldier
Then sends him to the Americans and the hell of Guantanamo

Russia Herald

OTTAWA — Alleged terror suspect, Omar Khadr, the youngest detainee at Guantanamo, is featured in a secretly recorded video which has been posted online.

Khadr, a Canadian ciizen, was arrested in Afghanistan in 2002 at the age of 15 after being accused of killing a US soldier in a firefight.

The video was posted online by lawyers for Khadr, who is shown being questioned at a prison by Canadian Security Intelligence Service agents in February, 2003.

The secret taping was taken in February 2003 and shows Khadr sobbing and begging for help while being interrogated.

Extracts of the videos were released by Khadr's lawyers after a long battle with the Canadian Government.

An eight-minute video was initially posted on the Internet and a complete version on five DVDs was issued later on Tuesday by Khadr's lawyers, following a Canadian court order.

The footage covers seven and a half hours of questioning over four days and appears to have been secretly shot through the flaps of a ventilation shaft.

It depicts a frightened young man, still suffering injuries from a brush with US soldiers six months earlier, in which he was shot at least twice in the back and lost sight in one eye due to shrapnel.

Khadr can clearly be heard saying "Kill me," while removing his orange jumpsuit to show scars from his time in battle.

Khadr was later sent by Canadian officials to the US, where he was imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay.

Critics of Khadr's treatment say he is a child soldier who should be rehabilitated rather than punished but Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has refused to intervene with Washington.

The videos do not show Khadr being physically abused but his lawyers claim he was constantly threatened with being raped.

Documents released earlier this month show US authorities deprived Khadr of sleep ahead of a separate interview.

Human rights groups and Canada's opposition parties have demanded Khadr be released from Guantanamo, saying his age at the time of capture precludes him from being tried as a war criminal.

— July 15, 2008