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Friday, April 2, 2010
True North Perspective
Vol. 5, No. 17 (221)

Coddling the Canadian Security Intelligence Service will not cure
an institution that is repeatedly exposed for corruption and stupidity

Image manipulation by Geoffrey Dow, www.ed-rex.com.
CSIS agent (not exactly as shown). Image manipulation by Geoffrey Dow.

The federal government case against terror suspect Mohamed Harkat continues to unravel (please see Harkat gets bombshell help from declassified U.S. documents).

Harkat's lawyers, in the closing stage of a hearing before Federal Court Judge Simon Noël, have accused the CSIS of violating Canada's charter of rights.

Defence lawyer Matt Webber has attacked the credibility of the CSIS, accusing it of "egregious breaches" of Harkat's rights that bring into question the administration of justice.

According to Mohammed Adam of The Ottawa Citizen, Webber listed a number of abuses by Canada's security agencies, including violation of solicitor-client privilege, unlawful detention, destruction of documents and unlawful search and seizure of documents. Webber accused CSIS of destroying "enormous bodies of material" and the violations are so "profound" that the only remedy is for Noël to stay proceedings.

At one point Noël politely suggested that the CSIS did not deliberately destroy "enormous bodies of material". Of course Harkat's defence lawyers could not offer direct proof that the destruction was deliberate, but anyone who has kept an eye on this shameful organization could easily conclude that it was deliberate.

In fact, this has been standard practice of the CSIS ever since they destroyed taped evidence connected to the Air India case. Any time their stupidity gets them in trouble — more times than the public knows — they resort to malicious dishonesty to cover their tracks.

Now, in the Harkat case, they stand exposed again. The CSIS inherited the spirit and practice of the disgraced Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Service.

As we have said here time and again, the time is long past due for the federal government to wake up to the fact that the CSIS is, by virtue of its stupidity, incompetence, and dishonesty, a veritable security threat to Canada.

It's time to disengage this bunch of losers from its $300 million budget, put them to tree planting (under strict supervision of course) in the summer and snow removal in the winter.

Then build a new security service that is honest and intelligent and loyal to the letter and spirit of Canada's experiment in democracy.

Meanwhile, take it easy but take it.

Looking forward.

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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