Moldova confirms Communist win

The Moscow Times

CHISINAU, Moldova — Moldova's ruling Communist Party was again declared the winner on Tuesday in the country's disputed parliamentary elections in a recount ordered after violent protests against the initial result.

Iurie Ciocan, head of the Central Election Commission, said the results differed little from the original figures issued after the April 5 election giving the Communists just short of 50 percent of the vote. "The difference between the recount and original count is not significant," Ciocan told reporters.

He read out figures showing the Communists far ahead with more than 760,000 votes out of 1.556 million cast. He gave no percentage figures but said the relative standings of the parties would be unchanged.

The three opposition parties that scored a combined total of 35.34 percent in the original count and won 41 seats said they would sue over the recount.

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