Mewsings/Musings By Barbara Florio Graham


Mewsings/Musings combines the subtle wit and gentle satire of award-winning writer, Barbara Florio Graham, back to back with her celebrity cat, Simon Teakettle, in a clever flip book designed to "a-muse" readers of all ages.

Barbara's satiric pieces on writing and teaching are coupled with several of her award-winning humorous poems as well as witty comments on living with the "classy cat in the black fur tuxedo."

Mewsings includes many of Simon's Last Meow pieces from Cats Magazine as well as a selection of his writings for radio and other media. 

This 80-page book has laminated front and back covers, as well as a pull-out "centrefold" of Simon I sprawled on a fur rug. The winner of an international award in 2002, Mewsings/Musings is the “purrfect” gift for all ages, at just $20 postpaid, from B.F. Graham, 535 Charles-Desnoyers, Gatineau, QC J8P 3X4.

Barbara Florio Graham

Barbara Florio Graham has won awards for fiction, non-fiction, humor and poetry, and has written for magazines and newspapers across North America and abroad.

The author of three books, including the 20th anniversary edition of Five Fast Steps to Better Writing and the award-winning Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity, Bobbi has contributed to more than 35 anthologies in six countries.

She teaches and mentors via her website:, in such areas as writing, promotion, business and creativity. Her work has appeared on websites in 31 countries, from Australia to Zambia.

There is a great deal of free information on the website, including resources for writers, information about copyright, publishing options, creativity, public speaking, publicity techniques, time management, and cats.

Bobbi is presenting a workshop on April 19 called How to Promote Your Book or Your Business, for OIW at the National Library, and another on May 10 on humour writing, called Cat Got Your Tongue, for the City of Ottawa. Details at or e-mail Bobbi at
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