Judge Wright hears charge of manslaughter
brought against conscientious Farmer Jones

Old Farmer Jones was hauled into court by Sheriff Harasser on a charge of Second Degree Murder.

Once Judge Wright had Farmer Jones sworn in he said, “Tell me your story, my good man,” thinking that the old man’s looks didn’t support the charge.

“Well,” said Farmer Jones. “this busload of slickers came along my gravel road driving too fast, slid on loose gravel that can be as bad as ice in winter, if you’re driving too fast, that is. Well Your Honour, that bus came off the road and slammed into a tree on my front forty.

“I went down and had a look. They all looked pretty dead to me so I dug a hole to bury the lot. If I didn’t do that the stink would-a put my cows off and I wouldna had decent milk for a month of Sundays.

“Then Sheriff Harasser came. He said that was a busload of politicians on some kind of jaunt. He asked me if I was sure they was all dead.

“I knew they was politicians by the look of them. Some said they weren’t dead but you know how them bastards lie.”

Judge Wright looked at the farmer and then frowned at the sheriff.

“Case dismissed!” he said with a sharp bang of his gavel.