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Ho-hum . . . the pundits are amazed
while True North hit the bulls eye

The pundits do it again and again. I recall years ago in Quebec, for example, there were only three journalists who called an election upset on target — two French Canadians and me. Everyone (except we three) was saying Jean Lesage would win by a reduced majority. But we called Daniel Johnson as a winner — and he won with bells on. The problem for almost all pundits is that they suffer from linear thinking. A dialectal mind can pick up signals that linear minds will see and even speak of but still not understand. — 621 words.


Wisdom in the Court
of Judge Harold Wright

Self-made billionaire defines good financial planning. — 43 words.

The illusion of
'net neutrality'

The astonishing growth of the Internet has been due to a "hands off" policy, with the marketplace and existing laws creating the parameters rather than rigid regulatory edicts whose adverse side-effects could well be severe. Let's hope lawmakers and policymakers keep that in mind. — 615 words.

Editor of Forbes Russian edition
is found guilty of defamation

The editor in chief of the Russian edition of Forbes magazine has been found guilty of defamation in a dispute over an article about a business run by the wife of the mayor of Moscow. — 465 words.

Experiment unleashes
citizen journalists

Journalism has always been a product of networks. A reporter receives an assignment, begins calling "sources" — people he or she knows or can find. More calls follow and, with luck and a deadline looming, the reporter will gain enough mastery of the topic to sit down at a keyboard and tell the world a story. — 487 words.

Journalists caught in Russian rumble
as Nizhny Novgorod police block march

It was a mistake. But it forced two people into the camp of the opposition, which police roughly prevented from holding an anti-Kremlin march Saturday. Two old women were standing still on the central square in Nizhny Novgorod, their arms linked. They were not among the activists or journalists who had been detained minutes before. — 802 words.

Media blamed as teenagers rally
against jail sentence for student

Under dark skies and driving rain, a group of schoolchildren marched up the road toward Georgia's Supreme Court building, screaming for justice. Some of their faces had been painted with the numbers of their schools, while others were waving scruffy, homemade banners with the slogan "Freedom for Giorgy!" and "We children know we are right!" — 438 words.

Soros and Media heavyweights attack
Pro-Israel lobby’s influence on U.S. policy

The simmering debate over American policy toward Israel and the role of the Jewish community in shaping it exploded with near-nuclear force this week. Several of the nation’s best-known international affairs commentators fired salvos at pro-Israel lobbyists and defenders of Israel fired back with unprecedented fury. — 1,485 words.

Justice Department squints at two PMs
caught with hands in the cookie jar

With increasing interest in why KarlHeinz Schreiber bribed Brian Mulroney with $300,000, word comes from the Justice Department that sluggos are reviewing another sordid old scandal, as possible trade-off material. This in reference to the crooked dealings that Jean Chretien perpetrated on the taxpayers in Shawinigate. Who can forget how the former PM dealt himself a handsome profit, through investing in a golf course bolstered by federal investments in a next-door hotel scheme in his Shawinigan riding? Taxpayers were stiffed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. — 425 words.

Taking care of business

While the U.S. has occupied Iraq militarily
Iran has been occupying Iraq politically

Martin D. Weiss with an urgent update on the breaking Iran crisis and its potential impact on your money. — 2,070 words.

True North Canuck Fact of the Day

When you add it up that’s a lot of laughs

The comedy team of Wayne and Shuster, who were legends in the history of Canadian entertainment, appeared a record 67 times on the Ed Sullivan television show.

Trivia compiled by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney. Visit their Web site at: www.triviaguys.com

Harold Wright, True North's  Doctor of Punology, says, “Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft and I'll show you A -flat miner.”

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