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God Bless America! It sure needs it.

It’s not easy to make light of George W’s. blood bath in Iraq but I can’t help finding wry amusement in a story filed in this issue titled Russia wants equal access to Iraq oil. It’s a brief piece, just 207 words, by Bloomberg, but it’s packed with irony. Here’s a few lines: — 306 words.

Wisdom in the Court
of Judge Harold Wright

Legal Eagle Boris Kay pleads a case of anti-Semitic discrimination and resolution involving old Henry Ford.

The three Goldberg brothers, Norman, Hyman, and Max invented and developed the first automobile air-conditioner. — 478 words.

Rumours waft that Bill’s girlfriend
is heading back to private practice

Incalculable impoverishment of our national political discourse looms as rumours spread that Belinda Stronach is planning to hang up her stilettos and sit out the next election. — 325 words.

Regrets of the weightlifter
who knocked down Saddam

His hands were bleeding and his eyes filled with tears as, four years ago, he slammed a sledgehammer into the tiled plinth that held a 20ft bronze statue of Saddam Hussein. Then Kadhim al-Jubouri spoke of his joy at being the leader of the crowd that toppled the statue in Baghdad's Firdous Square. Now, he is filled with nothing but regret. — 338 words

Russia wants equal
access to Iraq oil

Russia praised Iraq's draft oil law and urged the occupied country's government to guarantee equal access to contracts for all foreign companies. The draft law "meets international standards" and should be applied in a "nondiscriminatory" way, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its web site today. "Russian companies are eager to participate in the economic redevelopment of Iraq." — 207 words.

Poor Angola has become
an oil-industry darling

Angola, which shared the limelight with the world's most powerful oil players at its first OPEC meeting Thursday, is an unlikely candidate for a darling role in the global oil industry. A corrupt, underdeveloped and war-scarred country, Angola, a West African country, is one of the poorest places on earth. But ask any energy executive and another picture emerges: a place of immense riches, solicitous of foreign investors, and among the fastest growing oil exporters in the world. — 1,217 words

Kazakhs hail nuclear
joint venture with Russia

President Vladimir Putin and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev agreed Monday to expand their countries' nuclear efforts in what Nazarbayev touted as "a new landmark in cooperation." Nazarbayev said the two countries would start the joint exploration of uranium mines in Kazakhstan, as well as the joint enrichment and production of nuclear fuel. — 492 words.

Privacy: How the U.S. army
separates its men and women

Claims of sexual assault in the military rose 24 percent in 2006, according to a Pentagon report released Wednesday. An older study found that nearly half of all assaults in the Army take place in barracks. (Click here for a PDF.) Given these dangers, how much privacy do women get when they're deployed in the Middle East? — 456 words,

New phase of expanding
Asian markets led by China

Larry Edelson of Money and Markets writes, “I’m on another whirlwind tour of Asia. I just wrapped up a four-day visit to Kuala Lumpur … before that I spent four days in Hong Kong and Macau … and now I’m resting up for my next stop, Dubai. I can’t wait to check out the financial capital of the Middle East, which also happens to be an important source of capital for Asia. But while I’m taking a breather, I figured now is a good time to update you on the Asian stocks I told you about last June. How are they doing? Great! — 1,351 words.

True North Canuck Fact of the Day

Makes you wonder what they said before this... 
The robbery phrase “Hands Up” originated in British Columbia.  Bill Miner, known as the Gentleman Bandit, is said to have first used the phrase while robbing a CPR train in Mission Junction, B.C. in 1904.

Trivia compiled by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney. Visit their Web site at: www.triviaguys.com
Harold Wright, True North's  Doctor of Punology, says, “The optometrist fell into his lens grinder and made a spectacle of himself. [That's a story that lens itself.]”
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