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The jerk who stole Christmas

I was about to start off by writing “The Grinch who stole Christmas” but then I said, “No. You can’t call him that because the Grinch had redeeming features. This jerk doesn’t have any. Yes, I’m filing the saw again about that draft-dodging bully, liar, and coward who produced and directed the Afghan-Iraq show where our children are dying midst the poppies that grow row on row — millions for opium. Only the Taliban know how many.

(The fact that George W. was in the National Guard doesn’t make him less of a draft dodger because after he hid out there he went AWOL.)

How disgusting it was yesterday to see and hear that war criminal and his partner in crime Condoleezza Rice deliver their hypocritical scripted words at a joint press conference at the Senate Department.

Clutching at straws as they scramble up from the mire of their go-it-alone Iraq disaster, Rice said: “That’s why the work we are doing together in Afghanistan — through NATO, through the UN — is so crucial.”

And then the spoiled brat, his father’s worst burden, said: “These (soldiers with boots on the ground in Afghanistan) are brave souls. They’re working side by side with the Afghan forces and the U.S. forces to deal the Taliban a blow. And I’ve only got praise for them.”

Liars, cowards, and bullies both Rice, and the one she once publicly called “My husband.”

What a disgusting pair they made. How anyone can take them seriously is beyond me. Well come to think of it, the only respect they get is respect for the government positions they hold. They are being abandoned in Iraq by just about everyone including the Australians. They are desperate for support in Afghanistan because they don’t have enough troops to maintain their occupation of Iraq and save face in Afghanistan.

My heart goes out to the families of our young men and women who have been already lost in Afghanistan and for those who have returned psychologically and physically crippled. We were led into this war by a group of psychopaths. We should pull our troops now before any more are lost in this lost cause. Our country was fooled. We should acknowledge our mistake and get out.

Meanwhile, Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier, I trust you’ve burned your clothes and bathed several times over since yesterday. You were in very filthy company.

As for your favourite on-line news magazine, this issue wraps up the year. We didn’t do too badly From about 14 hits when we launched a year ago this month, we’ve climbed to 10,000 hits a month — with interest showing on every continent of the globe. So all that’s good news. We’ll be back in January with growing good cheer as the sun comes back to us from Buenos Aires.

Happy Holidays.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective