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In this photo supplied by Greenpeace, Greenpeace activists on a rubber boat buzz the cargo ship Front Driver some 15 miles off the coast of Valencia, Spain, on the closing day of the 27th Plenary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Valencia. Greenpeace claims the ship is carrying 153,000 tons of coal destined for the Spanish port of Tarragona. A Greenpeace banner reads "burning coal destroys the climate." (AP Photo/Greenpeace, Pedro Armestre) (November 17, 2007)

In the Court of Judge Harold Wright
no time is wasted getting to the point

Day Four

ATTORNEY: Doctor, how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people?
WITNESS: All my autopsies are performed on dead people. — 194 words.

Scientist who created Dolly the Sheep
finds alternative to embryonic cloning

LONDON (Agence France Presse) — A British scientist who led researchers who created Dolly the Sheep is to abandon cloning using embryos for a rival method which makes stem cells without them, the Daily Telegraph reported yesterday. — 265 words.

From the Desk of Mike (The Hammer) Garvin

Honda to lease hydrogen hybrids in US

Honda will introduce a state-of-the-art hydrogen-fuelled car in the US in 2008 to give a glimpse of the next generation of environmentally friendly vehicles. – 177 words.

Fire department officials told
to abstain from sexual bribes

BEIJING (Reuters) — China has banned fire department officials from receiving sexual favors as bribes from companies seeking their business, local media reported on Friday. — 195 words.

Like True North, Newsweek will cover
the political spectrum from right to left

Karl Rove is now magazine columnist

Less than three months after he left his post as the White House’s deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove has agreed to become a Newsweek contributor and will pen opinion pieces for the magazine and its Web site. — 254 words.

Miners back in sunlight after power outage

STILFONTEIN, South Africa — A group of 40 miners were safely back on the surface by Friday night after a power outage left them stuck underground, said Simmer and Jack Mines (Simmers). — 154 words.

Editor’s Notes

In Afghanistan Canadians will get the same thing the Russians got

True North is dedicated to the ancient court admonition to
tell The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

If I were not such an optimist I’d be dismayed at how those with apparent intelligence and political sophistication can be so easily fooled when confronted by the lies of psychopathic personalities. — 918 words


From the Desk of RCAF Lt. Col. (Ret’d) Harold Wright 

Canadian Defence Association says patience,
hard work needed for success in Afghanistan

The Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) would like to draw your attention to a series of continuing themes in the coverage of events in Afghanistan and the region. They are: the flare-up over the issue of the treatment of Afghan detainees; the situation on the ground in Afghanistan; opinions on the state of emergency in Pakistan; and developments related to Canada’s allies. — 1,013 words.

Kabul mayor says if CIDA paid the bucks
how come the work hasn’t been done?

‘The city of Kandahar is being slowly encircled’

Recently, Quebec’s largest French-language daily newspaper La Presse, published a series of articles by Michèle Ouimet the daily’s correspondent in Kabul, The series was titled, Afghanistan: The Failings of the Canadian Mission. — 860 words.



Man shoots neighbour in music dispute

PERTH, Australia (IOL)— A man in Australia shot and wounded his neighbour for refusing to turn down loud music, police said on Monday. — 191 words.

Russian doomsday cult holed up in forest
with 100-gallon gasoline bomb
while rescuers promise no ‘forceful action’

MOSCOW -- Doctors and rescuers are trying to coax more than two dozen doomsday cult members into leaving their forest hideout near the Volga River, where they are awaiting the end of the world with the coming of spring. — 709 words.

Love thy neighbour... or not
Keep the music to yourself

LONDON, England (IOL) - A 75-year-old British man and his 82-year-old sister have been given suspended prison sentences for disturbing their neighbours - by playing French radio at top volume. — 180 words.

Poland to pull out troops from Iraq in 2008

WARSAW (Agence France Presse)  — Poland will end next year its mission in Iraq, where it currently deploys 900 soldiers, new Polish Defence Minister Bogdan Klich said yesterday. — 185 words.

Second rare orchid found in the Western Cape South Africa

The discovery of a second rare and endangered orchid in the Western Cape in the space of a week is proof that the Cape's floral kingdom is "beginning to claw back from immense environmental pressures", says MEC for Environment, Planning and Economic Development Tasneem Essop. — 170 words.

Moscow readies nuclear fuel for Tehran
to fire-up Iran’s first atomic power station

UN nuclear watchdog will verify delivery

MOSCOW (Reuters) — Russia yesterday gave the clearest indication yet that it was ready to send uranium to fuel Iran's first atomic power station, upping the stakes in a diplomatic crisis surrounding Tehran's nuclear program. — 386 words.

Study says ancient flood spread farming in Europe
and may have prompted story of Noah’s Ark

LONDON (Reuters) — An ancient flood some say could be the origin of the story of Noah's Ark may have helped the spread of agriculture in Europe 8,300 years ago by scattering the continent's earliest farmers, researchers have said. — 289 words.

Street racers headed for scrap, cops say

SYDNEY, Australia — Drivers caught street racing in Sydney will be presented with a video of their impounded vehicles being reduced to scrap metal, New South Wales Police Minister David Campbell said on Monday. — 107 words.

The price of spontaneous kissing

MARSEILLE, France —  An art lover who kissed a $2-million painting, leaving red lipstick smears on the canvas, was fined by a French court on Friday and ordered to carry out 100 hours of community work.— 143 words.

Iraqi oil law approval is months away: minister

RIYADH (Reuters) - Final approval of a long-awaited Iraqi oil law that would help usher in new investment is months away, Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said on Thursday. — 368 words.

Billionaire Buffet: growing income gap threatens democracy
recent estate tax laws benefit the rich, a step toward plutocracy

Billionaire Warren Buffett on Wednesday endorsed the estate tax as a check on wealth accumulation, while two senior U.S. senators said they want the tax repealed. — 388 words.

True North Canuck Fact of the Day

Canadian flag should be privately burned

 The federal government recommend Canadians dispose of a worn out Canadian flag "in a dignified way by burning it privately,’’ says the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Mark Kearney of London, Ont. and Randy Ray of Ottawa, are the authors of eight books about Canada, including ``Whatever Happened To…? Catching Up With Canadian Icons.’’ For all the books of this best-selling duo visit their Web site at:

Harold Wright, Doctor of Punology, says A grenade fell onto a kitchen floor in France, resulted in Linoleum Blownapart.

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