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— PBS journalist Bill Moyers.

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Editor’s Notes

Liberal by-election panic
could make matters worse

The by-election results in Quebec are in keeping with that which I predicted last January, (please see Toronto Star follows True North lead below) including the election of a New Democrat. It should be clear even to Michael Ignatieff that the struggle to keep Quebec in Canada ended even before he left Harvard to be anointed as Canada’s prime minister. — 389 words.

Hard facts have their day
in Court of Judge Wright

It takes a keen mind intensely focused to cope judiciously with the facts presented in the Court of Judge Harold Wright. — 166 words.

Health Watch

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder
so beauty is in the nose of the smeller

Why do sweaty men smell sexy to some and disgusting to others? The nose knows, scientists say. — 333 words.

From the Desk of Mike ‘The Hammer’ Garvin

GreenField Ethanol meets production targets
as it absorbs 150,000 tons of Quebec corn

MONTREAL — GreenField Ethanol recently announced that its Varennes plant near Montreal, Quebec, (one of five in Canada) had a flawless start-up and is meeting all production targets after six months of operation. — 335 words.

Toronto Star follows True North lead
Liberals should keep in mind that Ignatieff
was wrong on Iraq and wrong on Quebec

By Carl Dow — When Michael Ignatieff announced his intention to run as a federal Liberal candidate in the January 2006 federal elections I, like some others, turned a curious eye. It wasn’t long before this academic rewrite man dove into Canadian politics and came up floundering. — 1,026 words.

Five reasons why I spent eight years behind the wheel

Driving a school bus has been my all-time favourite occupation. I did it for eight years and here are just five reasons why. By Carl Dow — 686 words

U.S. Fed's half-point cut sign of desperation!

‘. . . it represents one of the gravest self-inflicted
attacks on the dollar in modern times.’

— 493 words.

Bernanke's no-win decision for battered U.S.
while World Bank says China boom is solid

If you watch much CNBC or read the financial newspapers, you probably noticed a small-but-growing stream of Wall Street experts forecasting a recession. — 1,036 words.

True North Canuck Fact of the Day

Canadians prefer chasing that little white ball

Based on rate of participation golf is Canada’s top sport, followed by hockey and baseball.  About 7.4 percent of Canadians hit the links every year; 6.2 percent chase a puck around the ice and 5.5 percent  try to hit a home run.

Trivia compiled by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney. Visit their Web site at: www.triviaguys.com

Harold Wright, Dean of Punology, says, My doctor sure has his share of nut cases. One said to him, "Doctor, I think I'm a bell." The doctor gave him some pills and said, "Here, take these. If they don't work, give me a ring in the morning."


Whatever Happened To…?
Catching Up With Canadian Icons
Randy Ray and Mark Kearney
ISBN:  1-55002-654-2  
$21.99   Trade Paperback  ORIGINAL




bookWhatever Happened To…? Catching Up With Canadian Icons by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney has been reprinted.  The second printing consists of 3,000 copies.

``We’re excited that the first print run, also 3,000 copies, sold out in seven months,’’ says Ray, who with Kearney has written eight books about Canada. "Canadians seem to be interested in knowing what's happened to a range of interesting people and things over the years and we’ve given them plenty of food for thought."

Whatever Happened To…? tracks the whereabouts of about 100 celebrities, newsmakers, places and things that have played a significant or interesting role in Canada’s recent history.  Long after making headlines or burrowing their way into our collective consciousness, these icons have traveled different roads—or in some cases kept more quietly to the path that gained them attention in the first place.

Ever wonder what became of Marilyn Bell, the first Canadian woman to swim across Lake Ontario?  Or of Roger Woodward, the boy who survived the treacherous beauty of Niagara Falls?  And what about Lea Parrell, the famous baby-face of Heinz, who was signed on before she was even born?

Kearney and Ray, who are known as Canada’s Trivia Guys, spice up their stories with dozens of fascinating facts.  With website links to further information, the book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Canada’s heritage or have a little fun.

Randy Ray is a freelance writer, author, and publicist.  He worked for the London Free Press for 13 years, including three years as a Parliament Hill correspondent.  Ray lives in Ottawa.

Mark Kearney is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a reporter, public relations specialist, and freelance writer.  He has taught writing at the University of Western Ontario for the past 17 years.  Kearney lives in London.


To set up an interview with Randy Ray and/or Mark Kearney, please contact
Randy Ray at: (613) 731-3873 or rocket@intranet.ca

All Ray/Kearney books can be seen on the Web at:


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