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— PBS journalist Bill Moyers.

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Editor’s Notes

A word more on brainwashing and some on
Prime Minister Harper’s trip to Latin America

Here above is the second poster in our limited series on brainwashing. We can enjoy them as smilers — if not laugh-out-louders — today, but imagine the conditioning of our minds at the time when most of us received that stuff as acceptable. And keep your ear to the ground for the guff we are being fed today — 302 words.

Lecture in the court
of Judge Harold Wright

Former U.S. Marine waiting in bank
nabs and lectures robbery suspect

A former Marine, already irritated about the disappearance of $100 from his bank account, tackled a suspected robber who came into the bank wielding a fire extinguisher and demanding cash. — 142 words.

Health Watch

Some antidepressants may
bode ill for bone density

Two new studies have found that the use of the antidepressants called SSRIs is associated with an increased rate of bone density loss in older people.— 246 words.

From the Desk of Mike ‘The Hammer’ Garvin

First 20 Ford E85 Escape Hybrids
now on the road in six U.S. states

Ford recently delivered its first three E85 Escape Hybrids to U.S. federal organizations that own vehicle fleets. — 181 words.

Conrad Black's wife Barbara a loyal, but
potentially detrimental, presence in court

As the judge in the trial of Conrad Black began reading through the verdict in the criminal fraud prosecution against him Friday — finding Black guilty on four counts — Black's wife, Barbara Amiel, was observed scribbling a note and passing it to her husband. — 986 words.

Do Kids Need a Summer Vacation?
Why our school children get to take three months off

Most North American school kids are about three weeks in to their three-month summer vacation. Yet working adults (the Explainer included) spend the better part of June, July, and August toiling away as usual. Why do kids enjoy such generous summer breaks? — 542 words.

Air pollution casts shadow
on daily outdoor workouts

Axel Koester for The New York Times

Susan James, a jogger from Bakersfield, California, using an inhaler. She says she has lung problems from years of running.

Air pollution is increasingly on the minds of many athletes, especially those with outdoor workouts. — 1,089 words.

Schoolgirls under fire while U.S.
squanders billions a week on Iraq

Women again have legal rights in Afghanistan. But more than six years after American forces helped drive the Taliban from power, the women and girls there are still living with the threat of terror in their daily lives. — 310 words.

Venezuelan-Iranian company
markets first 300 automobiles

As a result of economic agreements between Venezuela and Iran, the joint car company, Venirauto, released its first 300 units out of 25,000 at an event in Caracas recently. — 661 words.

The Iranian 330 Saman

Green Is the New Yellow
On the excesses of "green" journalism.

Yellow journalism now comes in a new color: green. Often as sensationalistic as its yellow predecessor, green journalism tends to appeal to our emotions, exploit our fears, and pander to our vanity. It places a political agenda in front of the quest for journalistic truth and in its most demagogic forms tolerates no criticism, branding all who question it as enemies of the people. — 888 words.

Distinctive patterns of cancer
are found in Asian-Americans

Asian-Americans, both those born in the United States and new immigrants, have distinctive patterns of cancer incidence that doctors should consider when treating them, researchers have found. — 986 words.

Adhesive is blamed in fatal
Boston Big Dig tunnel collapse

U.S. transportation investigators have blamed the fatal collapse in Boston's Big Dig tunnel last year on a ceiling adhesive that was not strong enough, and determined contractors and authorities probably could have taken steps to avert the disaster. — 227 words.

Cheney tells Bush to bomb
Iran while still president

Military solution back in favour as Rice loses out.  President "not prepared to leave conflict unresolved."

The balance in the internal White House debate over Iran has shifted back in favour of military action before President George Bush leaves office in 18 months, the Guardian has learned. — 699 words.

China's 'soft power' winning allies in Asia
as East Timor benefits from Beijing's largess

‘In the longer term, some analysts say, China may want to create its own sphere of influence, elbowing aside the United States in the region. Washington's preoccupation today with wars and terrorist threats has left inviting openings for China's advances in Southeast Asia.’ — 1,029 words.

Open letter from Vancouver lauds Harper’s trip to Latin America
and says that Hugo Chavez should be invited to visit Canada

‘Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I know that you are extremely busy researching that book you plan to write about hockey, but I hope you can spare a few minutes to read this letter and to consider the heartfelt advice that it offers.’ — 1,120 words.

True North Canuck Fact of the Day

End of an Icon.

In January 1976 Eaton’s stopped printing its popular catalogue that had been a mainstay in Canadian homes since 1884.  Twenty-two years later things got worse when the department store chain announced bankruptcy and closed its once-proud stores.

Trivia compiled by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney. Visit their Web site at: www.triviaguys.com

Harold Wright, Dean of Punology, says, A man ran into the office and yelled, "Doctor, doctor, my son just swallowed a roll of film." The doctor calmly replied, "Let's just wait and see what develops."

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